2nd grow, all outdoor.

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  1. So after a decent harvest, had to take plants down 2 weeks early due to issues with kids mother and CPS having to do a home check, I've gotten my plants all going outside this round, about 4 weeks old now and I've ended up with 8 total females out of 10 done. At this point I've noticed them growing alot faster this time. Though what's funny is 4 of them were clones taken off last grow that got left in a jar of water for a month, they continued to flower even while under 24 hour light. They ended up in clonex for 6 weeks before roots exploded from them. I took 4 outside and they look like something from not this planet right now. Funny shit. But I will try to get picts posted later. Other then that happy growing everyone.
  2. 20190625_181205.jpg tiny little things, this was taken june 25th
  3. August, so far nothing but rain and some sun... 20190801_202408.jpg 20190801_202415.jpg 20190801_202456.jpg
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  4. Good looking garden.:weed:
  5. All but three are clones, the 4 smaller plants took 5 weeks to start vegging back out from CD lines that were taken late from my last grow, all were in flower at the time of cloning. Looking better now.
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