2Nd Grow A Few Questions About Nutes And Veg Time

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    Hey guys, this is my 2nd grow and i could really use some help on growing these babies successfully.  These are very young bagseed seedlings and one of them hasn't sprouted yet.  The oldest seedling's leaves have turned yellow for some reason and i'm not sure why because it's not really hot in the room and I haven't fed it any nutes yet.  I have some fox farm trio nutrients left from my last grow and I was wondering if they were old enough for me to give them 2 Tbps of Big Bloom for their first week.  And my other question is how ,long should I veg them ? I was thinking about 5 weeks would be good but i'm not sure.  On my last grow I only vegged them for 3 weeks and they were very small.  All Answers appreciated .


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  2. I also use FF products. I would wait until about a month in before giving any extra nutes as the FF soils should have enough to sustain the plants until about a month into the grow. Too much could burn the seedlings. I would also get a pH meter of some sort if you can as plants can only uptake certain nutes at certain ranges of pH. If the pH is off then there would be a nutrient lockout which would cause the yellowing of the leaf if it cannot obtain nitrogen.
    In theory you can flower anytime you want but I've read it's better to wait a minimum of 6 weeks to allow for the plants to sexually mature. It's really up to you as I have even seen grows that are 12/12 photo-period from seed.
    What are the temps that you're running? I'd try to keep it between 70-80F with the ideal being 76-78F.
    Just wondering, what type of lights are you using and how far are they positioned from the seedlings?
    Hope this helps! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions in the future.

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