2nd Grow 5 weeks Flower.......

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  1. Hello All,
    Thougth i would post few pics of my girls they are 5 weeks flower. They are SkunkHaze,BlueberryKush,PurpleTrainwreck,and Bluebull...... using FFOF soil with FloraNova Bloom at full strenth and FloraNova LiquidBloom Bulker at full strenth.they are under a 600 HPS a/c-Heat controlled at 73-77 at 12/12 light cycle.

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  2. Looking nice, not too long to go now :)
  3. one thing about the pics

    see if your camera has the option for manual white balance or even preset ones and cycle through them to see if one makes it look more real and not as orange like it is under the hps lights

    I have a canon sub $150 point and shoot and there is the option for manual white balance and I can press the display button and it takes a reading of the light in the room and adjusts it self - I have to press it more then 1 time sometimes because the lights are so bright it can overwhelm the camera, so I press it and it changes sometimes I have to press it again and it changes to what looks like the plants are the real color they are

    or you could go in there right before or after the lights go on or off and use a regular light to get good pics
  4. Thanks yeah got about 3 weeks left thanks....andas ligth goes the ones with orange tint i didnt darken on camera but then again im not a photographer im a smoker and grower

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