2nd grow 5 cheese and 10 northern light x big bud

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  1. After successfully harvesting about an ounce of dried bud from 3 blue cheese I thought id try something a little bigger. Made a lot of mistakes first time around, and there were some problems which would of stressed the plants out that were out of my control. But now as the hole grow will be in one place and in a grow box through out should be a lot easier to maintain!

    successfully germinated 8 of the northern light x big bud and all 5 of the feminized cheese all within 2 days using the paper towel method, didn't really give the other 2 much longer cause I don't really have the space for them all anyway. I only want to grow maximum of 9 (as thats all I can fit) but ideally 8 so i can fit the nutes and stuff in the box as well. But I figured some wouldn't germinate and a couple might die young. hopefully Ill be able to keep them all though and then just take the male nl's out before flowering so they then have the space.

    Put the seeds in plastic pint cups with holes punched in and bags over the top and all but one nl sprouted although having now looked in the one that didnt's cup there doesn't actually seem to be a seed in there.......WHERE THE HELL DID THE SEED GO?!?!?!!

    they have since been transplanted in to 15 litre pots (well 9 of them and then 3 in smaller ones in between as I dont have the space for more 15 litre pots!)

    Have them under 1 x 250w cfl and 4 x 11w cfl's which are too high off the plants but cant lower them or some wouldnt get any light (problem with going straight in to 15 litre pots!!!!) but i didnt have many smaller ones and Im not so good at transplanting. So there stretching a bit but oh well....

    when there a bit bigger and the couple extra fans and more ducting I ordered come I will also get my 400w HPS in there. can't yet as its too hot in the box as it is (around 34 degrees Celsius)

    First seedling died last night as well just went week on the stem just under what would of been the first leaf set........ unfortunately i forgot to label the pots when transplanting so I don't know what it was....I was most probably stoned at the time....not good anyway....

    will put some pictures up in a sec. and next grow I promise ill start a grow journal straight away so my first post isnt always so long....!!!!
  2. pictures as promised.

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  3. looking man good luck with this one
  4. Thought id update, although not much to update. They pretty much look the same but a bit taller...but not much, still only have the 250w cfl in there so a couple are stretching and none are growing much. I got the extra fans for cooling but decided there still not gonna be enough, especially as daytime temps are going up round here quite a lot. SO I ordered a cooltube (which almost cost as much as my hps in the first place) and some more ducting which should keep things nice and cool and get my babies growing!

    Also after not being able to find any more 12v power supplies around (after cutting up my phone and battery charger) and finding out a new one cost £10 each I decided to cut apart a spare pc power supply I had! Which after a bit of frustration I got to work and now have 6 x 12v supplies for plenty of computer fans to cool the box!

    Anyway ill post back once the cooltube has arrived and thats sorted (should be interesting as I dont have a separate ballast for my light so ill have to make one from whats inside the current one!)

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    I need some help!!! Opened the grow box today and a couple plants were not looking so good in fact all seem to be a bit droopy...

    But im not sure what is wrong with them about 4 of the plants have these little dark patches on the leaves?!?!?! I have no idea what that means and cant find anything that looks the same, phosphorus deficiency shows the same sort of color though...

    My plant with the biggest leaves has a different problem, slight yellowing round the edges and the tips have died. Nutrient burn? Doesn't look like nute burn iv seen in the past cause the tips not yellow its all shriveled up and dead!

    Im not sure what to do, I suspect these problems are due to me adding nutes too early (although be it at about 1/8th strength)! As for the general droopiness this could be under watering or possibly just cause theres not enough light?

    Any advise welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

    On a plus though my cooltube came today so I will try and get that in asap!

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