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  1. hey everybody, long time no see!:D

    i took a month or so off and decided to get back at it again to strive for the dream of self-sufficiency. my first grow with only autos worked pretty well, learned lots and managed to get some pretty decent smoke in the process. now i guess its time to try my hand at a regular strain. two VISB Reg Blackberry seeds, along with one, old faithful Advanced Auto Fem Lowgirl as a back-up plant.

    for this second "grow" around:rolleyes:, i will be using pretty much the same set-up. this includes my 4'8''x4'8"x6'7" grow tent, 400W mh/hps light with aircooled hood, 5-gal buckets. im using organic soil from my nursery which im hoping will suffice, and i will be using my gh nutes again. as for techniques im thinking ill be topping and/or lsting my bb's.

    i have an osscilating tower fan to cool things down, but still no proper ventilation. anyone that reads this feel free to suggest what i need to provide proper air/ventilation for this setup. i have many ports in my tent but i just didnt have the cash to invest in anything for that purpose last grow. i did make it through with good results, but i think it couldve been better with a more legit set-up. along with that my odor control needs to get better and im hoping i can integrate that with this system.

    also when i looked at the root systems for my last grow, it seemed that the main root system didnt grow much larger than the initial party cups. not sure if this is normal, or specific to the autos, but it has made me set-up both my auto, and two bb seeds in 4gal, and 5gals respectively. im not too worried about the autos as u are supposed to put it in its final container, but will this negatively effect my bb's too much. i understand that it may not be ideal, but maybe it would still work as they are already burried and id rather not go digging. any insight here is also appreciated.

    as for updates i guess i should write the disclaimer on the first post. i work long hrs and long shifts, which doesnt necessarily jive with daily updates. i will try to update once a week (more if possible/needed), or when anything good or bad is happening in the tent. i kinda dropped the ball on the last one so i really want to do a better job here. feel free to put me in my place if i get slack.

    they were germmed friday morning, and i just burried them this morning. pictures will be comming when they sprout, which should be in a couple of days so stay tuned! anyone that have any questions, comments, sees something im doing horribly wrong, or just wants to stop by and say hi is more than welcome. i feel that the best way to learn, and for a grow to be successful is to get lots of people involved, so thats what im aiming for.

    see u soon!:wave:
  2. bump bump, lets see some pics yo youre other grow was a beauty for sure.
  3. alright, i guess its been long enough. 40 days in and this could use an update. what was originally going to be a good sized grow, turned into a single plant. for some reason the lone lowgirl and other blackberry just didnt make it.

    i suppose it had to do with the fact that i put them in too big of containers off the bat. either way, i have one healthy confirmed female blackberry, from now on named donna. she is stretched a bit, but looking healthy. she stands about 14'' with lots of hairs. she was put back into 12/12 today, and hopefully will be giving me lots of reason to take some more pictures in the future.

    this will have to do for now, but with her in flower i will be taking more pictures, and keeping better track. im hoping i can bring out some good purple with this plant. the night temps are mid to high 60's with a little heater on low, so i will be kocking that out soon. i guess we have to wait and see.



  4. hey yall, just posting a few pics of the lady. she seems to be coming along pretty nicely. she looks like she has reached max height at 25'', and is starting to fill out a bit. i was thinking i should have picked off some of the lower 'popcorn' bud sites earlier, but i didnt want to put any stress on her as she is my only plant on the go right now.

    like my last grow i am having trouble keeping it cool in my tent due to lack of proper ventilation. unfortunately this means that i probably wont be able to pull out that nice purple color i bet she has in her. she is also really stinky as of late, almost giving off a nice cheesy smell along with the regular smell of a budding indoor plant. trich production is going nicely, and seems much more prevelant than my lowgirls. cant wait to see this girl fully mature.

    thx for looking, and any suggestions, comments or questions are always welcome.:wave:

    .... from the side ....

    .... from the top ....

    .... close-up's of her top ....

  5. Props! and Happy 4th of July man!
  6. holy hell this plant reeks. id say she still has a month or more and im almost to the point where its too much. cant even open the windows cuz its soo strong. way stronger than both my lowgirls at their peaks combined.

    i seriously need help with this. any suggestions?
  7. hey, just some pics to update ...
    she's at 64 days now, maybe half of those in flower. she is filling out a bit now but i think she might have stretched too much or something. my guess is i didnt leave it in veg long enough, but atleast its some experience with a regular strain. if her hairs are any indication id say she has at most a couple weeks left, maybe less....




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