2nd grow - 2x4 tray - Purple Kush - 8 plants - hydro drip system

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    OK here goes grow number 2. I'm setting up 2 systems (flowering & Veg ) so im starting with my veg portion of the grow.

    Start from gERMINATION - 8/5/08

    Im using these items:

    2x4 tray
    20 Gal rubber maid bucket
    rock wool cubes
    home maid drip system
    air pump
    1/2 drain nozzles
    1/2 black tubing
    aquarium silicon
    3 timers
    power outlet
    2 4ft CFL cool white lights

    I've sprouted 14 purple kush seeds (8 for me the rest for my buddy) and so far its looking good.

    All have cracked and I'm currently waiting for the sprout.

    I Have 2 drains and 1 in for the water to hit the drip hoses.

    I'm going to make an eb and flow system for the flowering stage. 600 HPS with blue spectrum. i plan to do hydroton in a 3x3 tray with the 8 plants.

    What do you guys think????

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  2. Just curious, How did you get 14 purple Kush seeds? out here in cali you have to buy the clones and theres only a few guys in cali that will even sell you one. No one sales the real purple kush seeds in the last 8 years. If you have some of the real "purple Kush" seeds you should pollonate the females with the male purp. You'll be rich.... if your not bullshitin about your genitics.
  3. ope , not bullshitting. got em from a long time grower and had his females to prove it. didnt know they were hard to find like that so ill ask.
  4. 3rd day - August 8th - of the seedlings coming out. A little stretchy so i lowered the lights about 2 inches from the top.

    here are some new pics of the seedlings

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  5. Looks like a good grow so far man!

  6. yea so far so good. Ill take new pics in 4 days
  7. sent you a pm so you can go get the purple you were asking me about. its here in Cali West LA area
  8. Deeyyyyam. Wish I had purple Kush (the real purple kush) seeds. I live in Los Angeles. Wish I was your buddy.

    Like mentioned above, pollinate the female with a male and gimme gimme gimme please!

  9. Dude, Im sorry if I came off a little assholeish on the last post. Its just Ive been searching here in L.A for the real "Purple Kush" strand for 2 years.I didnt belive you when you poped out of no-where with 14 PK seeds (like it was nothing)

    I called the med. spot you linked me today.(thanks) and they didnt have any more but they said theve been getting some clones. They said they get 5 clones a month on a first-come-first-serve basis. So you lead me to a med. spot that gets a few. clones, now its just a matter of getting there the same day there delivered. He says there 20$ a clone and they sell out the same day.

    peace, GL with your grow. If you need anything Im a cali grower too PM me and..... you know how we do it in Cali.
  10. yea if i do get a male that's exactly what I'm going to do. I didn't know these seeds were gold lol

    im going to sell the seeds to the people who really want this strain.

    no its cool , i just thought it was a normal strain. Ive been looking for a purple strain to grow and when the seeds were available i jumped on it. Purple and Kush? i was like gimme gimme gimme lol

    that place also gets seeds so just ask when they ship and go there lol

    the clones are good enough for the people looking to grow this strain. I'm sure if you've been looking for it for that long , the clones alone would be good enough lol
  11. good luck with your grow. i just planted some purple kush and trainwreck clones today. its my first time growing so we will see how it goes :smoking:
  12. cool and thanks. post pics when you can in your journal and PM it to me.
  13. Update - August 11th , 2008 - Day 6

    Ok Heres the update so far on the almost first week of the grow. 2 or 3 of the plants have really taken the lead and could be the front runners of my grow.

    The bad thing that happened this week was one of my lights went out and im not sure when. Yesterday i went to return it and buy a 3rd light. So now im on 4 cool white and 2 day lights CFLs.

    Since im growing purple Kush i borrowed a Small AC fan to shock my plants later on down the line so they turn real purple in the flowering stage. Im buying my nutes tomorrow since i wanted to go the first week with out any.

    I have 10 Plants now and try outs are still under way. My plan is to have 8 at the end of the 2nd week.

    ill be changing out my res every week on Tuesday around 5pm. Don't want to have any issues with the water and this is very important for me.

    I changed out the spike drips that i had before in the previous pictures. I went to HomeDepot and bought 1 Liter drip emitters with the holder spikes for a better drip.

    My temperature is at 70F in the morning and 79F in the afternoon when its hottest. Im sure once i get my 600 HPS it'll be a lot hotter but ill cross that bridge when i get to it.

    haven't bought my co2 yet but i plan to. Let me know what you think and what i can add to improve. thanks

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  14. Where are all the critics ?
  15. Update: Day 9 of Veg

    I got my nutrients today. I got em for free from my boy at the hydro shop i go to. Not the best stuff but it will do the trick. Here are the nutes on my shelf in my garage

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  16. im new to hydro i grow soil but wanna try this it seenms to work real good for most but my ? is can i use a air pump to pump water ? how is that working out for you water pumps are expencive and are to big for the system i wanna set up
  17. if you have a soil set up you can surely use a water pump. they are not expensive at all. under 10 bucks at most aquariums.

    buy some 1/4 tubing and emiiters and set it up. itll be very easy to do. ill take pics of mine so you can take a better look.
  18. today i checked my babys and the Nutes really made the leafs get bigger.

    what a difference the Nutrients made. Ill take pics tomorrow to update the thread.
  19. your grow setup looks a lot like a vid i got "I grow Chronic" by Mr Green looks good have you used this setup before?
  20. def got the idea from that video since it was the easiest one to make for me.

    its a good setup and ill be making different ones each grow.

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