2nd grow, 1st journal, 1st post, 2x 33w cfl's, 1x 26w, 1x 23w, Fishtank

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  1. Hey there Gc this is my second grow im attemping. The first attempt went beautifully until an unfortunate power outtage in my building due to the incompitance on ConEd. The power in the building was out for 2 weeks and went out just as i was just triggering flowering. Putting the plants in the sun in the backyard was also not an option cause of my nosey neighbors. The Plants were approaching three foot and it was all done in organic soil in ny closet under halogen lights(knowing now that was retarded and stretched my plants like a mofo). It was all done without nutes also. So basically the ConEd company raped me and my plants. So now i moved and decided it was time to start the old setup. Mind you ive only been using bagseed and my current setup is is also bagseed. So i got a 30gallon fish tank and lined the walls using tin foil i know its the best but its cheap and at every store. Im using some random soil and 3 gallon pots. Im using 2 33w cfls and 1 26w and 1 23w. There still at the seedling step. This all kinda started spur of the moment. I germinated soms seeds and threw three in a 30 gallon pot and 1 in a peat moss pot. There coming along great. I wrote this all on my ipod and ill be posting pictures later today.
  2. Let's see them babies. Sometimes its hard to get a following on here at least in my experience. Good luck. Happy growing.

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