2nd day seedlings, 250watt mh was too hot I think

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    I put my two sprouts under the metal halide, because I had problems with mold with my first two because the temperatures at night got a bit low, my basement gets cold. well last night the two sprouts seed casings fell off but I think it may have been too hot for them in there because when I woke up the temp said 81 degrees f and the humidity was at 40% inside the humidity dome, here is some pics

    this one looks like it still has the membrane from the inside of the shell still on it and it looks a bit discolored, but I could be wrong

    this thing was standing straighter up before I went to bed last night, it's still green but the cotyledons haven't separated yet

    same plant as pic above

    I mean shit IDK, do they look alright, the last seedlings I had opened up almost as soon as they sprouted, I tend to worry about things too much so I am just looking for reassurance, also I'd rather like to know if anything is wrong
  2. You're worried, they are fine. The membrane will rip as the leafs start to grow and seperate.
  3. Those little dudes look just fine to me bud. 81 degrees is plenty cool at this point. I've seen weed grow at 95F under CFLs without heat stress. No doubt the plants didn't grow quite as well as they would have if it were a little cooler - but they still managed to grow. 81 is actually just fine. Many people suggest 82F as the ideal temperature while under the lights.
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    thats good to hear, like I said I worry too much, just my last two died I'm a bit paranoid, thank you to those who answered
  5. bet your glad to hear all is well, huh? :) Thats the best answer you can get when worried that something is not well with your plants.
  6. Haha you have given me a set up for a joke that I cannot pass up...

    Imagine that, someone growing weed is struggling with a little paranoia. Never woulda guessed!:D
  7. oh fuck dude, I was paranoid when I was 5. but just a quick question has this happened to anyone before, the membrane that hold the cotyledons together are off them completely, they fell off yesterday and I wake up today expecting to see two little opened up seedlings, but they are still folded together, although the seedling from the first photo is opened up more, they are both still closed so to speak, the second sprout is still as closed as the photo I took yesterday, although it is standing up straighter. or are my seedling just the slow kids in class
  8. I've had a bagseed that was a bit stuck together, yes. In reality, I don't think it actually opened up until the first pair of leaves started growing and forcing their way out from between the leaves.
  9. I've observed the same situation.  My critical kush sprout is 'taped' shut by the membrane between the cotyledon and the seed coat.  Glad to hear that it is not uncommon.

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