2nd day flowering and already sexing?? not sure what this is???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by semperfi31, May 13, 2010.

  1. my plants vegd for 30 days n went to flower the 11th..

    on the 9th i saw presexing on 1 plant.. it was forming little bulb like growths were the stem attaches to the main stem and fan leave..

    i thought it was showing signs of male but wanted to keep it to see it grow out so i kno what the balls will look like..

    i checked it today and there are white hairs coming out from righ behind at the base of the tiny bulb.(u have to get w/in inches to see this well)

    is this a hermie or is that how they normailly start??

    also i have 2 other plants that dont have either, so i figure they will just take longer and could be male or female, but i hear females are the late sexers... can any1 tell me whats going on in my tent??

    i will post pics of this as soon as i can find my gear to hook it up to the computer..in sig is link to grow but i only have pics upto the end of veg(cuz i lost my thumb drive

    thanks GC.... help please!!!!!!
  2. Any chance you can get pictures because that would make it very easy to tell you what the sex is. It sounds like you may have a hermie but can't say for sure without seeing it first hand.
  3. a photo is needed my friend. OR look at the top of this forum for BUDSLiNGERS sticky on 'sexing' your plants.
  4. yea thatswhat i figured.. sorry for wasting your time.. i will post pics as soon as i caN... THAnks tho
  5. ok here are a bunch of pics i took the 11th

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  6. here are pics i took today.. the 13th...

    some are hard to c the hair as i have it zoomed in.. but the pics are very smooth and clear... u should be able to pick it out clearly

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  7. Thats looks like a girl to me my friend, normally your right males will show first or faster they too will get those little bulbs, but instead of hair coming out you will get a cluster of bulbs and they will turn into pollen sacks much like a bundle of small grapes.

    Take care of that lady!

  8. Dude you just gave me a boner!!! No homo!!! lol!!!

    im excited to hear you think its a lady... i was thinkin male, then maybe herm..
    but obviously i want a tent full of pretty ladies!!!!
  9. Def looks like a lady to me as well, treat her right ;) lol
  10. 'Gratz! Have you picked out a name yet?

    Peace! :hello:
  11. I still think its a little early to tell. IMO
    I'd like to see what the smaller growth is going to do, it almost looks like a sack.

  12. on the smaller growth it is doing the same(starting to have i small sack like the one in the pic but there are not multiple sacks per node, onli 1).. it starts as that little bulb.. but then the white hair comes out of it (it looks like) and what was a bulb shape or sack is now flattening out it ooks.. i will take sum pics and post for u kind sir!!
  13. There are obvious preflowers in the pictues. Those are female. Congrats bro! :smoking:

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