2nd crop

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JIMBO, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. Thanks to everybody who has patiently answered my whining, pathetic first-timer questions, I am within 2-3 weeks of a successful 1st harvest. For my next grow, I have some Dutch Passion Powerplant + cali orange seeds. Has anybody out there tried either + can give me some idea what to expect?
    Once again thanks to the forum members who have held my hand + reassured me so far.
  2. Cant say i've tried either....I know that Woody was growing powerplant he might be able to give you some tips on it...Peace out....Sid
  3. powerplant look forward to some goood Snowy bud... same with cali but the cali bud will tend to be a little more colored then powerplant... powerplant stinks like hell and is one of the ugliest things ive ever seen... normaly i dont think weed looks taht bad... this will have all sorts of shit growing on it.. BOTH GOOD CHOICES STRONG AND GOOD STUFF good luck post some pics later on
  4. Thanks for the tips + advice guys. I will make sure to post progress reports and photos if I can get my head around the computing side of things. Sadly I am a little bit technophobic.Adios

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