2nd attempt to clone...help!

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  1. So i have my 2nd set of clones, the first ten all died, so this time im trying to clone using perlite, with a lil water in the bottom of a bottle cut in half. Today is day 7 since i put the clones in the perlite, under 2 26 watt cfl's. The last two days, they've been under only one 26 watt cfl. oh, there also bright white cfls. anyways, i cut them at an angle, right above the node. dipped them into rootone then into the perlite. Only a few of them started to show roots, but not from the bottom, but from the nodes near the top of the perlite. only like 2 have small roots, the other have none. Was i supposed to cut them right above or below the node? Should they begin to root from the bottom where i cut? i think im just over concerned but want to try to get at least 4 of the 6 to show roots. any tips is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. are they in a dome for humidity, are they in 24hr or 18/6 lighting? Did you mist them regulary (not wet them)? and did you wait the 2 to 3 weeks for rooting to take? I am no pro, but I cloned for the first time last month and just followed what everyone else on GC said to do. I had successful clones for 7 out of 8 ( I dropped one, my bad). Hope that some other more experienced growers can help you out. good luck.
  3. look through my tutorial and at my pictures of where to cut
  4. you need to cut just below the node, that node will pop out a root.
    You should be on 24 hours of light.
    Many people here try all different methods of cloning many work. I dont grow in soil but i do take clones, i show roots on 7 days. no hormones, no dome, no misting.
    Took many attemps many different ways for me to tune it in, I have a brand new bottle of clonex thats been used twice. 2-3 weeks is to long IMO...
    Do your self a favor build a small bubbler. go to wally mart get a small tupperware container with a lid foil tape it up, buy the neoprene inserts used for the aero, cut holes in the lid that match the neo maybe a little smaller, fill with distelled water,throw a heater and a air stone in there, set the temp about 75, and then take your cutting cut them off the plant then while holding them underwater cut the 45 degree angle on them, soak them in distelled water about 10 minutes. then throw them in the bubbler and 7 days later wahlah.....

    As i said previously this is one of many ways to do it, but I have found this is the fastest and i get 100% sucess..
    keeping it green..... BudSlinger
  5. i have been misting them a few times a day, and they are in a humidity dome. They have on 18/6 lighting, under two 26watt cfl's for about 5 days, then just one 26 watt cfl for the last 3 days. Bud Slinger, can you buy the neoprene insert at wally world? or where can i find them. Do you use a water pump or anything inside of the tuberware to "splash" the cuttings? Thanks for all of the help. Im going to check them again on tuesday, which will be 10 days. Thanks guys!
  6. anywhere they sell the aero garden , i found mine at the local hydro shop. yes in the tub there is a air stone that circulated the water it also creates a misting effect on the cuttings.. the heater keeps temps in check other then that its hassle free.... easy man...
    i currently have some in there ive been to lazy to transplant, two weeks they have been there, ill get you a pic of the roots then you can judge for yourself....
  7. That would be great. it seems to be taking much too long in perlite, i would much rather get roots sooner. How much does strain effect how long they take to root? right now im just using two mother plants that came from bagseed. i plan to buy some real strain seeds probably aurora and Northern Lights from nirvana. Cant wait to see the pics budslinger!
  8. sorry for the delay, took the pics just never got around to posting them for you, excuse the tub that was my prototype and it works so good im just now gonna build a new one that looks a little better, but hey if it aint broke dont fix it right..lol
    these clones have been in there about 15 days at this point I really should have planted them at about 8 days but i was out of cubes, no rooting hormone no dome for humidity...I tried many ways before this and this has given me 100% sucsess...
    hope this helps man.

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  9. going to start cloning today. looks good :hello:
  10. thanks alot that helps! im going to build one just a on a smaller scale, when i get paid lol. would it work just as well using a smaller rubbermaid tube, with a small pump and a big air stone? I only plan to clone about 2-4 clones at a time. keep token!
  11. i use a small 2 gallon rubbermade container with a 2-liter soda bottle cut in half...... and a 20$ airator from wolly-world... seems to be working good
  12. whats the 2-liter bottle cut in half used for?

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