2mgs of xanax, to 5mg percs?

Discussion in 'General' started by seanct6c, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. what will happen if i take to 5mg percs to try to get out of the xanax stupper?
  2. I've been told not to mix anti-depressants with pain killers.
  3. xanax isnt an anti-depressant, its a benzodiazapine... and taking a per will only increase that xanax stupor, xanax and opiates make you look/feel like you got hit with an elephant tranquilizer but somehow your still semi-conscious

    well at least when you do a good bit, one perc isnt gonna fuck you up, but its not gonna help your stupor in any way
  4. Its that exact semi-consciousness that makes me love life.
  5. Fuck, I hate that shit. Rather be drunk.. and I hate alcohol. pills just make me seek a bed FAST.

  6. im not sure with you mean. but taking a xani bar and a perc5 would not be recomended. if you mean youve been taking a lot of xanax lately and you want to get off of it, well a 5mg perc wont really do anything without a few drinks to back it up. im on 22.5 mg of hydrocodone right now (3 vic 750's) and have been drinking beer all day. and im not to pleased. but i wouldnt mix a barbituate with an opiate.

    btw, this should be in pandora's box.

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