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2kg FLAME DEFENDER (review )

Discussion in 'Security' started by RO76, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Just got my 2kg flame defender self contained fire system (aka fire extinguisher). Flame defender comes with a wall mounting bracket ,but there is no way to mount it to the ceiling . I was planing to install it right on the middle of the ceiling to have a better coverage. For some reason I thought that it was designed to be installed to the ceiling...(every single picture of it online has a wall mounting bracket behind it and it creates the illusion of two loops on the top of the Flame defender)Oh well I do not think that it would be that hard to figure it out how to install it according to my plan.
    P.S. 4.5 Stars out of 5. And yes , I would recommend it to my friend.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STjMZz8gxbA]YouTube - Flame Defender - Fire Extinguisher for Indoor Growing Environments[/ame]


  2. I have one and thankfully never been used yet and hopefully will never be used, but it certainly gives me piece of mind when Im not home!!! Good investment and highly recommended!!!
  3. Do you guys think it would be better placed inside a grow tent near the hoods (which most likely will not catch fire) or outside near the ballasts (which prolly won't catch fire either, but more likely than the hoods/lamps I'd say) ?

  4. The best location would be on the top(inside of tent), preferably on the middle if possible. My tent is only 6" tall so I attached my flame defender to one of the poles inside of tent(picture in my signature link"my secret jardin project").
  5. Just seems like a shame to ruin your whole garden if the fire started outside the tent at the ballasts. With air cooled hoods it should be almost impossible to start a fire with HID lights in sealed air cooled hoods. I am interested in auto fire extinguisher in case I have to travel for a weekend or so and won't be within driving distance in case of emergency.

  6. You are not limited to buy only one defender......
  7. Good point, so I guess if you have one place it near the ballasts or other potential electrical fire hazards, and if you get 2 use a central ceiling mounted one in addition to one covering the electronics.
  8. Let it put out a fire then give it an honest review! JK I currently have one on the way for my tent after seeing your setup RO76

  9. If there's a fire due to my grow equipment inside or outside the growroom I don't care about my crops. Lol I just want it out. I can always get clones and start over no real big deal. I think I'm going to have to invest in one of those
  10. Of course stopping the fire would be the number one concern, it just seemed to me that it would be wasteful and foolish to have a flame defender inside of a grow tent or grow box, and have the ballasts be outside of tent/box, so that if the ballasts caught fire, it would have to burn enough to raise the temperature inside the tent, coating everything inside your tent with carbon dioxide or foam, and maybe still not hitting the area outside of the tent that is on fire.

    If you had one placed above the stuff most likely to cause fire (ballasts in my opinion, but still unlikely), and have it situated in one area, you could save your grow and have no loss of crop or a huge mess inside your tent. You could also have 2 and have one inside your tent just in case, but as I said before, I can't really imagine a scenario where a sealed, air-cooled hood could cause a fire. Anyways, let us know how you like it when you get one.
  11. Not like I'll ever need it.. but just in case, Puts my mind at ease when Im away from home. its tiny smaller then I thought. Very easy to mount.

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  12. Thought this was a fucking flamethrower at first haha

  13. Same. thought it was some home defense :smoking:
  14. How much are these things?
  15. the smallest one costed me about 60$
  16. not bad, I might pick one up. You think the small one can put out a 6x6 blaze? I wonder if it can go off without a fire and kill your crop.
  17. Any fire extinguisher can be made automatic with a little work. Run some of that soft flexible copper line to your "fire hazard" area and solder a cap on the end using a low temp solder. That is the key part. Run the other end to your fire extinguisher and attach it (using the correct fitting) to the nozzle. Pull the pin, squeeze the handle to discharge it and wrap the handle with wire. Now when/if a fire starts the temp will go up, melt the solder and WHOSH. Same idea as the autos. I'm sure this is how there fire is "sensed". Use a tee in the line and guard two places with one extinguisher. I've seen guys do this around their cloths dryers (one of the most likely spots in your house to catch fire). OR maybe I should shut up and go to bed:hide:

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