2K!yup...i did it..

Discussion in 'General' started by blueend, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. i didnt realise it and this should be my 2001 post..
    but whatever.
    i didnt make a thread about it when i hit 1000
    but...ill make one now.:D

    so 2000?thats..alot..
    its been very intresting Gc so far and thanks for being my e-journal..
    actually for many reasons Gc will never be a random forum i was a registered.
    as it seems i have one more reason.first time i hit 2K ever.

    well I do post every other day..itd happen sometime..

    so heres to you all:bongin::yay:
    praise the ganja!!!
  2. realize* Congratulations!
  3. Congratulations on the 2,000 mark, here's hoping to 2,000 more
  4. thank u both:D
    i didnt think id make it that far when i first registered
  5. Congrats! Here's to 2000 more!

  6. Congrats, i popped my 2k a little bit ago :)

    EDIT:holy shit this is my 2222 post.
  7. Sweet. Its good to see a lot of members making it over the 2,000 mark lately.Congrats
  8. congrats blue...

    joining the 2,000 club

    keep smoking dear
  9. thank you all blades!i hope ill make it to 3k:)
  10. Congrats.
    I just got 4000
  11. Congrats, gives me another reason to smoke another joint.

  12. 4000..thats a lot..

    CONGRATS as well..:smoke::wave:
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    Yeah I just got to 8000 a few days ago. I never posted even like 50 posts anywhere elseThis place was just so chill it was addicting. PLus nothing better to do when your tweakin at 3am than to talk to other stoners/drug fanatics haha

    EDIT which I dont do anymore, tweakin that is. I just get stoned now
  14. uuhh you did indeed..am i blind??
    congrats to u too^.^
  15. Haha thanks. By the way, nice user title thing "Molotov Everything", did you participate in the riots?

  16. yeh i noticed that tooo.

    And your in Greece which is awesome.
  17. lol congrats.
  18. haha yeah thats why I asked. :D
  19. of course i did:D

    fuckin crazyy

    making a molotov bomb is easier than rolling a joint.really.
  20. wow, so you post a lot? congratulations. theses threads are stupid. what's the point? ooh right,, there isnt one.

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