2k soundsystem stollen. Need suggestions!

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  1. Pretty much woke up this morning, got in my car only too realize my rear window was smashed and they stole over $2000 worth of electronics. The four main speakers were left intact in the car thank god.

    I had:

    • two 12" subwoofers (SPL)
    • one 1200 watt 2 channel AMP for the subs
    • one 4 channel AMP for the speakers
    • Pioneer Premier deck
    I had some other shit stolen like my iPod but that doesn't really matter much. My question to you music lovers out there is what sound system should I get while using my insurance companies $. Doubtful that it will be as good as it was before, but I'm taking suggestions for a replacement.

    Thanks blades.
  2. You're dumb for having a system everyone knows about (because they can hear you bump) and then to leave it parked outside.

    Garages buddy.

  3. Why would you say something so hurtful? I'm not a super rich business man, in fact I'm lucky to be renting the house that I currently live in. It is not possible for me to hide my car where I live.

    I hope someone smashes your car just so I can tell you it was your fault.

  4. Yeah man it takes some real effort to smash a car open and extract all of the sound equipment in it. I wouldn't see something like that coming.

    Maybe you should spend some of that insurance $ on a better alarm system OP.
  5. Problem is with my car, it's a '93 Subaru hatch back. Trunkless.

    EDIT: I have seen those flame thrower car-alarms though!
  6. Sorry to hear that bro, it sucks having your shit jacked. As for a recommendation, Kicker has always made a quality system IMO and it's usually rather cheap.

    Car Audio | KICKER

    How much do you have to spend?

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