2g's Pure Coke

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thebigd^, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Yo..

    So this whole No Pic or it Did not happen, can't happen here.

    I Have no digital camera.

    I picked up two grams of Pure Cocaine. (yes pure, I had to razor the shit down from a rock)

    I had to add this to the list of 10(2mg) Kpins, 4(5mg) Methadones, 12.5(mcg dried fent)(for smoking usage only) and 1 (t3)

    WHUSSUP GC I think ill be awake all night.

    I also got a joint to smoke.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuckin KNEW I'd see this Exact thread. I can attest to the shit, you chatty mufucka!
  3. You KNEW Panes, you and Legit, and Supersmoker were the first I was gonna tell!

  4. Hahahahaha you didn't have to tell me, shit i Heard it:smoking:
  5. Hey man, wanna come hang out? I got some beer and nitrous oxide, combine everything it will be a veritable drug/alcohol bash. +rep
  6. I've noticed you asking so many people to "hang out"? :confused:

  7. Wait, you're taking all that shit again, plus cocaine and a joint? Jesus man.
  8. Lets talk on aim bigd, i just took some 2c-e so ill be p all night too. but im bored. hats ur sn? message me it pls.
  9. No dude, that's a joke... How many people from a website about doing drugs do you actually invite to where you live. Nothing pisses me off more than being called a narc... When I got arrested, there was a big old complicated situation going along with that, and it came out that I was a narc, which is not true at all. You may chill out, and not be so quick to call me something so offensive. This literally killed my buzz[your post]. Thank you very much unkind sir. [No offense to you, even though you obviously meant to offend me.]
  10. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.
  11. No pic, didn't happen.

    Nah man I just had to.

    I know where you're coming from. Gotten pure white a few times in my long run. Usually get pretty close 70-90% damn. Coke is hard. So hard to stay away from. IMO
  12. 'twas a joke. Be calm friend. I was just sarcastic.
  13. Nah im not mixing nothin. I went to walgreens to get a needle to bang the coke, cuz its so pure. They only sell by box of hundred, so I walked out. Saw a homie, and he bought me a shooter of vodka. So thats all im mixin the coke with!

  14. Don't you think Narcs have more to do than to try and catch you guys using in your homes?
  15. so have u ever rode the aluminum train before?

    bangin coke i mean, cause u asked about were to get rigs
  16. Fuck bangin coke, it's like crack with a needle, instead of taking hit after hit you just stab the fuck out of yourself n make ur arms look like swiss cheese. probably shoulda bought that box of 100, u'd need it if you didn't want both your arms lookin like you got bitten by fire ants in strait lines .
  17. That's soundin pretty legit. Now I reaaaallly want to try coke.

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