2end dxm use. could be my last. few questions.

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  1. well the first time i used it i did a does of 300mg robo gel caps i split the dose 10 then waited a half hour an took the other 10. i didnt really get much effects.

    this time i got a 6oz bottle of vicks 44 my question for that is how much dxm is in that whole bottle ?

    i also have 20 more robo gel caps.

    I think i want to go for around 450mg. so once i know how much is in the vicks 44 i will add the gel caps.

    Is it ok to mix gel caps and the vicks 44 ?

    prob gonna start around 830pm gonna go take a shower now so any1 that can help please do.
    also the first time i did dxm was about 3 days agop. i dont really plan on doing it offten but i would like to get good effects from it at least once. after this if i do it agian it wont be for a while.
  2. Should be ok. Why not Zicam Max Cough Spray though? You get a lot less of the junk and closer to pure dxm. It doesn't taste great but it's nothing compared to alcohol.
  3. well i heard vicks 44 was good i dunno so i picked that up. anybody know how much is in a 6oz bottle ? i think 375mg but i want to be sure
  4. Look on the side and find out how much DXM is in 5ml then apply that to the whole bottle? Simple math, dude.
  5. yea you can mix it 450 sounds pretty good for a second trip let us kno how it goes
  6. just downed 20 robo gels im gonna take like 10min break then drink 150mg of vicks 44

  7. Yeah should work out. I just did a dxm trip myself with 391 mg's of Zicam Max. Keep the room cool and dark and let your mind wonder with great music. :D
  8. i realize im taking it kind of late at least i dont got work till 6 tomarrow lol cause last time i dosed i fell asleep earily so hopefuly i have a good night. im about to drink the vicks ill let you guys know when i start feeling something.
  9. Ah shouldn't take it before you work. It's not as bad as alcohol but still you feel an afterglow. Much better to chill on afterglow.
  10. haha i just found some 17x salvia i had i wounder if i should do that 2 lol

    6pm i got work at nights so il be good
  11. No... I can only see bad things coming from tripping on salvia while tripping on DXM.
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    Yeah not bad. DXM will stay in you for awhile though. I still notice effect 3-5 days after. It depends on how much you take. DXM is a hard drug. Don't mix with other drugs.
  13. starting to feel pretty good now bout to liten to some music been smoking a blunt 2. felling kinda weird but good seems better than before so far
  14. wow this shit is weird like im nto sure if i like it or not lol im just gonna zone out on some musi c it feels weird like cant explain

  15. I tell you the euphoria cuts down when you take too much. It gets more uncomfortable. Stick with less next time. 300-400 is good.
  16. i took a bottle of generic gel caps once cuz i was desprate to trip lol, i ate 20 gell caps with in 15 mintues, caught a low pleaute buzz, but im in search of an out of your mind trip! i just did the extraction with delsym extended release. got 800mg of dxm out of a 5 fl oz bottle, the extration is SUPER easy and doesnt take more than 2 hours (because of drying time) and you end up with pure crystalized form of dxm, should only be ingested tho NOT smoked, injected, or sniffed. Or if you dont want to wait for that, drink a bottle of zicam cough max as neo said earlyer it is almost pure dxm, is smaller then a regular shot of alcohol and has 390mg of dxm in the little bottle

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