2CI and 5-MEO-DMT

Discussion in 'General' started by aaronitotheburr, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. anyone know the websites i could order this stuff on?
    and heres a story for yall guys

    I took some Adderall for work today and got to talking about theory\'s with my boss. We both share interesting theory\'s on different things. We got to talking about phychoactives and i told him i was smoking pot for awhile. He started talking pro pot and told me about how good ideas flow on it. I decided to tell him about DXM, then he decided to tell me about how he likes acid. Long story short my boss likes phychoactives just like i do, and he likes to talk theory with them like me. He told me about his experience with 2CI and said he likes it just as much as acid. Anyways hes just a badass dood.

    and adderall makes story telling fun.
  2. Oh come on. Can you do a search? Just a little one.(They won\'t bite you or blow out your bowl!)
  3. I did that but can\'t find any good sites. Im sorry bro. I\'d help you out though =]

    wow... im nice.
  4. oh ok i thought you meant google lolz
  5. Yea man, when in doubt search.

    Also after you make a thread (even if you could find anything while searching) scroll all the way to the bottom and check out related threads. If you scroll down now you will see about 4 or 5 sites with info that may help you out.

    If you do find what you need (or a similar thread where you can post your question) delete this thread....
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