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Discussion in 'General' started by EuropeanVW, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. I was doing a little bit of research by searching here, and reading up on it at Erowid, but just wanted to know how everyone felt about it. If you have done it, what were your thoughts? Would you do it again? Do you regret taking it? Stuff like that. Thanks in advanced guys.
  2. ive personally never tried it, but ive heard nothing but good things about it. sounds pretty interesting, dont know if its my bag though.

    if you end up trying it be sure to tell us about it!
  3. I've heard alot about it and wouldn't mind trying it, it's not a big thing to go out and try, it is just something that i would try if it came along.

    12inchbong on here has tried it, ask him about it or search on here, he wrote about it.
  4. Yeah, I've read about 12inchbong's experiences and PM'ed him about it. Just was wondering if anyone else on the boards have tried it.
  5. Well it's been in the UK before but in pill form, i've never had it before though.

    There's this drugs board, it has some good threads on it

    thesite.org discussion boards, then the drugs section, just type in 2C-I there and there'll be stuff.
  6. what is 2C-I? what does it do? legal/illegal?
  7. bluelight.nu has good information on a variety of drugs... worth checkin' out.
  8. If you have a chance to do it, take it. I think I've taken it about 7 times already. They were all within a 2 week period. But I'm getting 500mg in the mail tomorrow. Next trip will be sometime this week with 25mg and then I'm gonna snort 10-15mg of 5-MeO-DMT at the peak of the 2c-i trip.

    Anyways, I think 2c-i is a very fun drug with a very very very slim chance of having a bad trip. Just don't be in a public place with lots of people around while you're tripping, because I felt it causes a LOT of anxiety. The visuals are very nice, mostly the same types of patterns overlayed onto everything, and patterns morphing and stuff like that. Some of my friends have said that it distorts colors, but I have yet to have it happen to me. It's easy to maintain you're 'cool' when you're tripping. I could easily hold conversations with people, walk normally, act normal. But I would still recommend a private setting to enjoy the trip.

    I would suggest taking it orally. 20mg was what I took the first time and it was very fun, and very manageable. 30mg is very intense visually, but not on the body/mind. I snorted 10mg once, but I'll never snort it again. The taste after the drip is so fucking gross and it burns the throat hardcore. My 20mg trips usually lasted 5-6 hours, and the 30mg lasted well over 8 hours. Snorting lasted only a couple hours, so I felt it wasn't really worth it.

    If you get some of this stuff use it in moderation. After that two week period where I did it 7 times I would see faint patterns after smoking more than 2 bowls. All that has gone away now which has made me very relieved. I thought I did premanent damage.....

    One more thing. Towards the end of the trips on 2c-i I found myself getting bored and even annoyed at the visuals. After the peak and after an hour or two of coming down I would just want it all to stop because it lasts so long. That's probably the only negative thing I found about the drug.
  9. im supposed to get 100 mg's of 2c-i tomorrow. wish me luck of my first trip.
  10. where can i get a hold of this in the midwest US
  11. Order it from an online research chemical supplier.
  12. wouldn't you need some kind of permit? how easy is it to get and what's the price? someone said it was a research drug. i don't know anything about this drug .. gonna read erowid
  13. well 12inchbong got it easily, i can't get it because it's Class A over here, the only chance of me getting it is on the streets.

  14. It's a research chemical, so it's legal to sell and posess. They just have a disclaimer on their website that you agree to stating that you won't consume it and it's for research. But they guy that runs the site pretty much knows what his customers are doing with it....

    They stopped shipping to foreign countries now, so it's only U.S orders that will be shipped. All you have to do is use a PayPal account to pay them or a money order.

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