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  1. any of yall done it before? 200mg's left japan today to come to my house n i've never tried 2c-e in particular, i figure put it in 5mg hits to sniff n get rid of it n keep some for myself...
  2. Don't know much about man, but fill us in when you take them.
  3. yea i know all the effects n doses n shit, i jus wanted to know if anyone had first hand experience and whether they liked it or what

    i got a digi that weighs mg's to so accidental OD isnt a danger, although its impossible for me to die to begin with cuz i took 75mg's of 5-meo-amt n survived, thats like 15 hits haha, that night sucked
  4. I'm going to start calling you the "Robo-Drop"... kind of like Robo-Cop, only, instead, you are a super human man fueled by DXM and other psychoactives... hence the "Robo-Drop"... ha..ha..

    Well, I thought it was clever anyway... LoL
  5. haha nah i actually quit doin dxm awhile ago, i think i'ma give it a try with extracted dxm next weekend cuz if i sip surp then i puke within 30 minutes n its a waste and if i eat the gelcaps it feels like the veins in my neck and face are havin hella trouble gettin blood through em n it hurts

    i feel like i'm gonna die when i do dxm now but maybe pure dxm will feel good, then i can smoke weed n go into death land
  6. Haha, that is quite funny actually.
  7. LoL, actually, I think I knew you quit.

    But I must say - you'll be like one of those child stars who will always be known for their T.V. roles... you'll always be known for your once ungodly ability to ingest massive amounts of DXM. LoL

    Edit: As well as being one of the most informed, intellegant individuals - who would otherwise be mearly labled a "drug user" by today's society. You went out there and kicked some ass man - regarding school. don't know if I ever got to congrat you on that... So - Congrats! ^_^ LoL
  8. hot water in a bottle/jar with the gels

    add sugar/soda or drink it straight up (chug on empty stomach) and chase it with a sugary drink like redbull

    you'll get to love doing it this way
  9. i think its somethin in the gelcaps that make my face feel like that though, so i'm jus gonna do the good ol extraction.... maybe i'll shootup some dxm n see how that goes haha

    edit: i chopped the pills up in a blender once with orange drink mixed in and filtered out the capsules and it tasted super orange peelish, not pleasant
  10. I heard it was like taking 5 hits of acid at once..not sure tho..wish they were comin to me
  11. sucrets extraction then?

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