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  1. holly shit some ones awake is it you?
  2. Whats up? Besides you and myself? I hope you had a nice x-mas and new year. So whats up with you? Me? I am sitting here debating whether or not to miss court(let someone else represent me) and go take a pisstest for a job I am really not interested in. I have never tried to fake one before. Everyone says it will be easy and shit, but I'm too scared to try, it feels dishonest. I would rather smoke and piss on my own(I have passed before) than use some synthetic shit! I am confused. I really want to find my OWN job instead of this one....but we are really strapped for cash so it's time to re-enter the work force I guess.
    Tazz....tell me to not be worried!
  3. cant lie to you gal! drink lots of oj and fast!i had a great xmas but not a great morng ,visitors on my computer ,i thaught they were hackers ,not!C.I.D. not funny!they auto loaded a copy of my hard drive and said be a good boy or i would not like them ,well thats no great news, i dont like them now!cort aint bad just wait to get high nothing to it!as for the job good luck i have only worked for my self 21 years! and for got what they are! you feel dishonest no way? not you gal.
  4. Court turned out fine, first in, first out, and get 3/4 of my bond back. As for the job.....I'd rather bartend than join the business world. Thanks Tazz.
  5. just like the law to give you the old in and out quicky! at lest they paid you!lol but with your own money, them pricks.i think youll do good at what ever you do gal! its not the job its the respect you give it as well as your self.and you got that going on.smile your cups runth over ,a lot! good luck tazz11

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