28 Weeks Later = bomb high experience.

Discussion in 'General' started by primetime21335, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, there is nothing like getting toasted then watching a zombie movie. Such a mind fuck. Putting yourself in that situation is like none other.

    I really enjoyed the movie, i mean, it's no original Dawn of the Dead, but it was damn good for a new age movie. I definitely enjoyed it more than the original, which was good on it's own.

    I loved the concept of how the zombies ended their plague in the first place. It's a very good and reasonable explanation to the end of the apocalypse.

    It's a realistic zombie movie, if there is such a thing. They really handle things as if it were a real zombie apocalypse and I definitely appreciate that.

    I highly recommend it if your looking for a movie to watch after/while smoking.

    God I heart zombies.

  2. One of my favorite movies... I do believe I was stoned the first time I saw it in theatres.

    Edit - Okay I'm an idiot... I just realized you said 28 WEEKS Later, not 28 DAYS later. I haven't seen the second one, but I've heard its pretty good.
  3. IMO 28 days later>>>>28 weeks later, but i enjoyed weeks
  4. Both are awesome. I was telling Zeke(s)Master to check out this movie while he was stoned. Zombie movies are the ultimate test to see if you can contain yourself within your high. Or if you end up underneath the table clutching a bat.

    Both were very good. I think 28 days later was more old school, with 28 weeks later being a new school zombie style movie.

  5. Just out of curiosity, why? The first one seemed to drag out too much, where as this one delivered the goods the whole movie.

    The first one, for me, was quite good,unique, and appreciated as such. 28 weeks to me, was the REal movie 28 days wanted to be.

    It's hard to be a bad zombie movie. It's funny I say that and there are SO MANY bad zombie movies. Alls you have to do is show enough zombies and have decent acting. It's really not hard. It's amazing so many people fail at replicating such a simple formula.

    Rule #1 for making a zombie movie:

    It's simply amazing people don't follow that rule. Even bad zombie movies are good if they show enough zombies and zombies attacking people.

    The story, for zombie fans, explains itself.

    I love the idea of being up against the wall with absolutely no easy outs and having to just find a way out. That is what every great zombie movie is about. Against all odds, can you survive? When all the chips are down, can you step up?

    Zombie plagues, imho, are still the best story in hollywood. Why have an average scary movie when you can have a scary movie with zombies that goes completely over the top and basically eliminates the majority of the population of America? It creates the ultimate situation in which only the best can succeed.

    Mike Meyers (i loved the new Halloween btw), Jason, Freddy, Jigsaw, they all get eatin by 20 zombies.
  6. The Infected are not Zombies.

  7. dude funny you say this i was just telling the story of how i blazed with my friend "A" shes like old as my mom but still cool and not fat or ugly or old looking i thought she was 29 or 30 not 40ish when i first met her at work . but we got high then met her Boy friend (i also work with him.hes never done one illegal drug ever and doesnt know she sometimes blazes) and with her daughter (whos around my age) saw 28 weeks later and i think her daughter was high im not sure. but dude that movie freaked me out. i was so scared and like wtf is going on.
    i only remeber the scene where he leaves his wife and the last scene of world invasion part two... lol great movie i think ...
  8. That is true. I wonder if it really happened, who would survive?

    As much as I hate my life, I'm good with helping others. I would most likely have been TJ from Land of the Dead. But yeh, zombie movies own.

  9. i thought there was alot more plot/story wise in the first one where as the second had a bigger budget and focused more on action and special effects but dont get me wrong the second one was good
  10. The Infected are infected with Rage. There still alive, they starve the same as humans.

    Zombies are animated corpses. They take years to decompose. Thus the threat of zombies is LONG lasting.

    But that being said, I loved both 28 days movies. The first had the best music.
  11. Idk how much I would help. I'm def. a softy and a romantic in terms of saving lives.... but.. in that situation who knows. One thing is for sure, I would NOT act like that dude at the very beginning of 28 weeks. For sure. I'd rather die than live with that.

    The girl I was boning this summer once cracked that zombie movies were childish. For whatever reason (clearly because we were alll high and babbling i never got a chance to retaliate) I never replied.

    If you put yourself in the situation, there is nothing like a zombie movie and nothing like putting yourself in that situation.
  12. But it takes a lot less than a year to decompose(right???). I know technically the 28's weren't zombie movies, but nontechnically, they were. And all zombie fans recognize that.

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