28 Days Still Not Clean, Help

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  1. So i quit smoking exactly 28 days ago, before then i smoked 1-2 grams a day. I play soccer and sweat almost every day and most the time that I don't; I run at least 2 miles. Ive never had this much trouble getting thc out of my system and I NEED to be clean ASAP.
    Im 6'0 201lbs. Not the skinniest guy in the world but not fat either.
    I was suppose to take my drug test today but I took a practice test before I went and got a fail. I came up with an excuse not to be there and i think i can get away with not going till mon/tues/weds next week.
    My plan is to drink 1 1/2 gallon of water a day, run 2 miles 2 times a day and make sure im sweating to the max.
    Is there anything else i can do besides the niacon shit and the jello mix?
    Any help is appreciated, what would you do?
    Substitution is not viable.
    yes ive used the search but havent really found anything specific to my problem.

  2. also go to public or gyms that have steam rooms
  3. Sorry, but that won't work. Re-test yourself again to see if i'm wrong.
  4. why wouldnt it work. its known that sweating and drinking water +time is the best method. By next week i would be at 5 weeks. please explain more.
  5. ill look into it
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    They test for 90 days back. You are a lil over a month. Let me know how the test results come out.
    If it works, then the PO's will get wind of this, and start testing every week.
  7. stop taking niacin
    that shit will rip your liver
    just wait

    why do you need this so bad?

    I'm at the point of my smoking career when I don't want or take the possibility of a drug test. A lab one will give me like 100% thc in blood i swear.
    And it would take me a long ass time to be clean
  8. this isnt criminal
  9. re read im not taking niacin
  10. Try to get some lasix or an other strong diuretic. I blaze all the time and passed a test after a week clean and 3 days of lasix. Also they sell synthetic urine at smoke shops and online if you are able to use it.

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  11. ive heard that doesnt really do much. anyone got an opinion on it?
  12. Tell whomever is drug testing you to fuck off, you will not stop. Then proceed to pull out a blunt and light it then ask them if they want a hit. Sure way to pass.
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  13. believe in yourself, your body will follow
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  14. Workout but don't do shit the day before the test so any leftover THC will get absorbed back into your fat.
  15. ty a constructive post.
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    Got any clean friends? Have em pee in an unlube condom, duct tape it to your thigh, "pee" in cup.
  17. Why not just get a masker from GNC? 
  18. a what

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