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28 Days Later

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Chronic420, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. 28 Days Later is such a good movie people if you havent seen it get it and if you can get some bass speakers hooked up to your Tv because it sounds Soooooooooo kool with the bass... damn... nutmeg... mmm... lol

    Oh! and the Zombies in this movie are not like your regular zombies they can fucking Buck! like a mother fucker they dont move all slow after some one if they want some thing they run after it lol
  2. saw it :D

    though, some part were slow, dramatic effect?

    all in all a decent *zombie* movie

    chron, you are on the money..the zombies are more into it, lol not so boring anyway..

    id like to know what oher people thought anyway about it...

    OH lol, not to mention, I was LATE turning this one back... :rolleyes:
  3. heh yea i dont really know why but i really wanna watch this movie again probly sense this is the Only movie in years that made me Jump and Gasp *when the drop of blood fell* you remember? that was so fucked up and sad can you think of some thing like that happning to some one that close to you *trying not to give any thing away* and then damn.. that was so fugged up lol.
  4. yea, that part was pretty sad. that movie was pretty good, the only part i didn't like about it was the guy that sat next to me in the theater. he smelled incredibly disgusting like he hadn't showered in a few days after running a marathon.

  5. thatll wreck it for yea! awe!

  6. No it won't. It'll give you more of the "rotting zombie flesh" experience.
  7. telluride has the right idea about it always be positive hahahaha :)
  8. Oh yea, my friends and I watched that movie and it was awesome. Lot better with surround sound and a woofer.
  9. That's a damn good movie. I'm just kinda disappointed that they changed the ending for the American version.
  10. The movie was definitely a pimp movie that i could watch again and again. It really kicks ass while stoned. The zombies did some pretty nasty shit though, like throwing up on people. Funny shit though, I had a good time watching it.
  11. Pretty good movie overall, though the plot wasn't as interesting as I hoped. But as far as your typical run-of-the-mill Zombie horror flicks, it was pretty damn good. Finally! Some zombies with balls! =P

  12. what is this 28 days later you talk of...
  13. It's a movie where a virus called the "Rage Virus" spread all over England and wipes the country out except for a few people. Once you become infected you turn into a blood thirsy zombie that needs "virus free" blood to survive. It's a good movie to see if you like suspense and gore. I highly reccommend this movie.
  14. i just got it today.yea :D tonights entertainment!!!!! cant wait.
    i loves me zombies. and since ya'll gave it such good reviews......
  15. i heard great things about this movie, but i didn't find it very scarey. it was pretty gruesome though. the zombies were the best....
  16. OMG

    i saw it in the theaters RIPPED... scared the holy hell outta me
    bought it...
    watched it not high...
    not so scary
    watched it again stoned
    scary as ever:D

    and yea... that part with the drop of blood does suck
  17. bought it, saw it liked it...................
    in the dvd you get 3 endings...i liked the second one.

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