28.000 !!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Last night accomplished: 28.000 members and growing!

    man it has been a ride since 2001 , rock on people!

  2. All right! That's awesome! Long live GC!
  3. what this guy said
  4. lol, out of those 28 thou though how many have posted weekly for the past year? meh . . .cool deal.:cool:
  5. Yay! This is why GC Rocks..How many of those 28,000 have been actively posting in the last 5 months or so?..or is there no way to tell?

    Hip Hip HurraY!:hello:
  6. thanks to the mods for keeping this place cool and chill. yea there's been a few probs but not enough to make me leave. sweeeet.
  7. only 5,598 are active, as in signed in during the past month, or three, i couldnt really tell you how its determined if one is active or not
  8. sweet, an once of members
  9. Heres to a 100,000 more! :cool:
  10. Ive only been here for about a year, but i stay active

    YEY for GC
  11. Hmm I think thats a good excuse for a bowl:smoke:

    SJ Im gonna take this time to thank you for starting GC:gc_rocks:
  12. fuck yeah dude im new but i tell friends about this site. its the shiznit
  13. 6k active isn't bad at all :)
  14. lol wow 28,000 thats a lot of stoners
  15. At any random time during the day I'm sure someone who's registered here is high.

    scary cool.

  16. make that 1000 ounces or 28 kilos: That's as heavy as a really anorexic chick... hmmm only 64400 members till we get one that's clinically obese. (I actually did the maths on ths one *ahem*).
  17. If each thousand was a gram, we would have an ounce full of members.:p

  18. Awesome! Congrats and thank yous to SJ!

  19. Sniff... I worked so hard on those BMI equations...

    On another note... I wonder what the COMBINED weight of all our members is.

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