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  2. thats badass dude thanks for the guide im gona have to make one of these
    that thing looks like somethin ud buy from a store
  3. bad ass :) im not crafty but my fiancee saw this over my shoulder and now is planning our own ..i hope were as motivated as you... pictures if we do .. hell everyone who see this and plans on there own. post pictures!!
  4. what size tungsten carbide did you use... i might have to try to make one for myself.. how long do you think it took you?
  5. nice man, and you chose a good one, looks like the base hold quite a hit. Nice work.
  6. thanks guys. And yes, definitely post some pics if you make your own. It's so interesting seeing what vases there are, the possibilities are endless.

    I used a 1/8" bit, it was a little small though (and dull from being used a lot), which is why it took about 40 minutes to drill the hole perfectly in the thick glass. I would recommend an 1/8" to make the initial hole, then something like a 1/4" along with a 1/2" cone shaped ones to make it bigger. If I had those it would probably have taken 15 minutes.
  7. All I need is the right kid of drill bit and I can do this. Thats a fucking legit bong btw.
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    damn, haha which bits arem ost important bc i dont know if i can afford all those haha those glass ones are pricey arent they?

    oh yeah and thats an 18mm slide right? just have to make sure
  9. Thats cool i've never seen a homemade bong with a diffuser +rep
  10. Damn, looks fucking pro. :smoking:
  11. yeah you only need a 1/8" or 1/4" one, it will just take a bit longer. They're like $8 or so at a hardware store.

    yeah I'm pretty sure it's 18mm
  12. nice homemade.... +rep to u for injenuity
  13. cool man
    i need a bit like that
    howd it get orange
    great guide +rep
  14. Thanks, the orange one is made from a different vase.
  15. it's rare that I see home made pieces of such quality. +rep
  16. nice homeade glass, saw a nice bamboo one not too long ago, this one ties on construction and creativity +rep
  17. thanks for the compliments. I'm going to put a glass rod horizontally through the lowest part of the neck soon as an ice catcher, I'll add to this thread when I do.
  18. Nice tutorial, dude!

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