2700k or 6500k

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  1. can i use a 2700k to germinate and to use until i know if its pistals or sacs? btw my first grow
  2. normally, 6500k for veg, 2700k for flowering, but you can if you need to
  3. 6500k, but don't use light at all when the seeds pop; wait until it sprouts.

  4. ok thanks i think im going to use 2700k for a little until i buy 6500

  5. so germinate them in the dark? and i read somewhere it has to be warm so i was going to use the lghts to heat up the space because my basement is cold
  6. You can have the lights on just try not to put them too close. Even when the seed finally sprouts, give it some time to grow to maybe an inch before you get the lights closer. Seedlings are sensitive.

  7. ok thanks alot:wave:
  8. Do you have a grow journal?

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  10. Chronic: I wouldn't. I was taught to use a 5,000 to 6,500K frequency of green to blue light from seed sprouting through vegging and then change to 2,700K reds for flowering through harvest. You might want to RTFB as almost all of these sources have something to say about choosing the right lighting. I really wish there was an easier way, but from what you ask, I'd suggest you RTFB and refer to the following resources:
    1. Read: SeeMoreBud's, “MARIJUANA BUDS FOR LESS- GROW 8 OZ. OF BUDS FOR LESS THAN $100.” It's a must for beginning dirt gardeners especially those using CFL's.
    2. You might also want to read: Mc McCarthy's, “GROWING MARIJUANA.” It's another good text for dirt gardeners.
    3. Read: Jorge Cervantes's, “MARIJUANA HORTICULTURE THE INDOOR/ OUTDOOR MEDICAL GROWER'S BIBLE.” It's great for both dirt and hydro.
    4. Read: Ed Rosenthal's, “MARIJUANA GROWER'S HANDBOOK.” It's very complete.
    5. “THE CANNABIS GROW BIBLE- SECOND EDITION,” written by Greg Green, is easily a match, if not better than the ones listed above.
    6. You should also subscribe to, “HIGH TIMES,” magazine. Each issue is full of useful information and excellent photography.
    7. You might also want to subscribe to Garden & Greenhouse. It's free and they offer a monthly news letter that always has a lot of good information, especially for newbies.
    8. A lot of local hydroponics stores offer free weekend gardening classes. Admittedly they offer these classes as a means of boosting sales but they also present some good information and they're frequently taught by experienced gardeners.
    All these resources are very well written, well illustrated and packed with information that will answer most of your questions before you know to ask them. Doing your homework before you start to grow by consulting these resources will save you and your plants a lot of stress. These forums are great but often they're the blind leading the blind and when you do get it from a knowledgeable source they frequently can't get the information you need to you in a timely fashion. I sincerely hope this helps.

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