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260 w quantum board Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by MarriedToMaryJ, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. I might have a winner for single qb288 boards. The Meanwell ELG-150H-54a $33.29. Also sold in a B version for a remote dimmer. Usually the a version is built in dimmer. I'm not seeing one on the a version's pictures. May want to go with the B for a dimmer. That's a good price though and ELG is a new model.
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  2. If I could buy individual drivers at the same cost of a driver that would run 2 in a series i'd much rather have them each run on their own. I probably use about 4.5 x 4.5 in that tent or even less to keep space available for me to work in and around the plants a lil bit so I think if 4 of those boards still gave me a good amount of penetration I would be fine with 4 at least to start. Cooling shouldn't be an issue as I will still have my 8inch inline hurriance fan from my air cooled hood.
  3. Do you typically mount the driver ontop of the heatsink?
  4. Yes. If you bought HLG heatsinks they are predrilled for the HLG series drivers.
  5. [​IMG]

    Have you guys ever seen anything like this, stalk about as thick as a pinky and then it seems like a million tops are all trying to grow at once lol.

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  6. is the stem more elongated than round as if its like 2 stems joined together?

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  7. This is how thick the stem.is. its really thick.compared to the rest [​IMG]

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  8. there both the same thing different names its a rare genetic mutation can happen to lots of different plants

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  9. right on!. That should make life easier.
  10. Clone it ! ! !
  11. it doesnt always show in clones and cloning that branch is a long shot ive had one before and the clone didnt show the same trait tb ot doesnt make a fuck ton of bud if anything it makes it well arkward to trim

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  12. im just ganna let it do its thing.
  13. chop it off ! ! ! !
  14. Just make sure that top has a prime spot for light.
  15. it's dead center where PAR is the highest
  16. 2 288 boards shipped today!
  17. Hey guys I haven't been around for a minute. I'll tell you one things these seeds are really hard to pop. Or maybe the light is too intense for the box out of four. Two of them survived and damn they are vegging really slow. I guess all strains are different but I know there going to be fire. Here's a pic day 4 [​IMG]

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  18. So I ended getting out of that box! And now I'm going to take this closet for veg and then I'll be getting a tent for flower. So I put back together my original light yes!! Handles heat much better! Nothing like that off center drive man ugh. Don't worry guys didn't have time but I'll be straighteng the light out later.
    But hey my girls leaves are pointing up like there praying is that bad?

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  19. Oh yea and look what came in the mail today
    Who's ready? This was so hard to get had to get on the waitlist for it!

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