250watt LED 2'x2'x3' tent

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]hey guys so first things first the plants in these photos are from my orignal grow that went horribly wrong lol i had kinda rushed into growing them and did not research much and it was a weak cfl grow and i used miracle grow which i think burned them and ultimatley stunted their growth.. Just some bagseed though. After ALOT of research I ordered the following:

    .2'x2'x3' grow tent

    . LED 250 watt full spectrum , 150watt veg spectrum. Brand is Pro Grow 400.

    . Pvc pipes and created a ScroG

    . Feminized Seeds from a seed bank. Strains are d diesel(1), anubis(1), banji haze(5) and special queen(1).

    . Coco coir+perlite

    . General hydroponics flora series+ cal mag, ph up and ph down with PH testing pen

    Anyways i think i might just kill these ones off and restart with my new seeds doing two at a time and flowering them in 3 gallon smart pots. I plan on making this a journel and showing the progress of the plants , tell me what you guys think so far i need some cool peeps to coach a newbie along the way yeeee yeeeee
  2. Nice little setup you got there.

    Personally I wouldn't kill them off. You'll gain a wealth of experience and knowledge off those plants Identifying their deficiencies and ailments, trying to care for them and make them successful. You'll be able to apply that later knowledge with future grows.

    I'd still start a few new seeds, I just wouldn't give up on those.
  3. I probably will but i have about 5 months left on my apartment lease lol and i wanted to get 1 successful grow out before i gotta move everything and i figured these little guys were just gunna take up space, they are about a month and a half old and no taller than my pinky ! Lol
  4. Call up your landlord and ask if the lease is extendable? I hear ya though, in the situation it would be tough to keep them with such limited space.
  5. I would have to lease another year, me and my girl are buying a house when it is up anyways ( growers paradise) wont have to worry about much haha but thanks for replying man i appreciate the compliment , im goin in as optimistic as possible as far as the health of my girls but im goin in not expecting a big yeild so my hopes arent crushed haha
  6. Shit in that case I'd germ 4 autos and get them going now :p They'd be done by the time you move out.
  7. I only plan on veggin for like a month mayb a little more
  8. image.jpg image.jpg Update on the plants, the old ones are comin back to life, new leaves have no sign of any defeciency or burn on them and my banji haze seed popped still waitin on the anubis

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