250w vs 150w hps need help !

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  1. What up guys just wondering I've been doing a little research and I am planning on building my grow box by 3 x 2 x 6 ... well something like that, maybe if you guys have some better idea that would be great, but my only concern is should i go with 250 or a 150 hps ? I no the 250 will be better for producing a better yield but it also produces more heat, what is the easiet way to ventilate a box with a 250 cheap and easy ? maybe honeywell fan ? or 100cfm cpu fans ? i'd rather go with a 250hps forsure but i'm just worried about heat issues.
  2. Not sure how much you want to spend, but they make bulbs that go inside tubes that push air thru to keep them cooler. I would think you would be fine with a 250w, I have a 400w with no tube, just extraction fans and such and that works great. but I would wait for more input before buying. ;)
  3. A 250 would be better in your space since that's closer to the 5000 lumens per square foot that would give you a good yield. A 100 cfm fan would work well, I think. Mount in the top of your box and make two lightproof intake ports in the bottom, each equal in size to the size of your exhaust fan. GL!
  4. Yeah you would want an out take fan up top and an inline fan on bottom.
  5. they got new lights now called ceramic metal halide they cover the lighting spectrum of a high pressure sodium & a metal halide. So you can use it for seedling, veg & flowering but thats not the best part them burn much much cooler then both hps & mh

    With a cooltube hooked up to a 4" fan & ducting seperate from ur growroom u would beable to get away with a 400watt ceramic metal halide light. That would double your yeilds from a 150 or 250.

    A 400 watt cmh bulb & ballast costs $100 :D it really cant be beat

    CMH Info

    CMH Bulb

    CMH Ballast
  6. -- Dang, never saw those lights before. Im really curious about them, I read the stuff on the info, but would kinda like to know other feedback or something, good find though, Ill have to look more into it.!
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    I use a 400 CMH for veg mostly because my MH conversion bulb burned out and I could get the CMH cheaper. They do burn cooler, last longer, and have a very wide spectrum. If you're considering a CMH for vegging and flowering, you will probably not get quite as large a yield with a CMH as an HPS (HPS still outshines in lumens), but a CMH puts out significant UV-B which studies and experienced growers show increases trichome production - so a slightly smaller but more potent crop. I'm using a 600 HPS plus supplemental UV-B fluoro tubes for flowering.

    The OP could do worse than a 250 CMH. I don't think it would need to be air-cooled.
  8. My grow op has a very similar sized footprint, I can tell you that the 150w is not an option if you want to make good use of that space. I have a 250w and supplement with 8 CFLs, if I were starting over in this space I definitely would go with a 400w and really cover that space well. You should make it an air-cooled setup for a 400w, chances are good you'll need it.
  9. no need to go as low as a 150w as with a half decent fan that cab will handle a 250w
    or if your still unsure buy a dimmable 250w. I just bought one for £57 and its awesome, you can switch it between 150w 190w 250w and 275watt. all with the same 250w bulb
  10. I bet you could squeeze a 600 watter in there if you really tried.

    Definitely go for the 250.

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