250w, organic multiple strains. help and criticisms?

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  1. LLLLLLRIGHTY. well this is my first grow, so i guess im doing some kind of journal just for feedback and well...to learn a thing or two haha.
    I have a wardrobe, with a 250w(mh and hps for later), generic hood thats not aircool but will work for now.
    2x Agent Orange, 1 Pommelo, 1 Querkle. they are just short of 3 weeks along. Sprouted in coco and transplanted to 1 liter containers of happyfrog. they are going into 3 gal hopefully in the next day or two.
    Well heres the intro at least ill put a few pics up later. Thanks for looking this is a cool site to be a part of
  2. alrighty well transplanting sucks i fuckin hated it, its done though and somehow theyre standing for now, ill have some more details on it later heres a pic from a day or two ago for now.

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  3. also that last agent orange there has been transplanted by now, i do have some signs of stress or deficiency so ill lookinto that as well. thanks fo peepin

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