250w MH/HPS at the same time

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  1. I want to experiement and use both a 250w MH and 250w HPS at the same time during both vegetative and flowering cycles. With both lights I hope to represent a fuller spectrum and increase growth and hopefully yield. I would appreciate some veterans opinions on doing this as I need to order in the next few days. In advance I can tell you my setup will be: Very well ventilated 6' high cabinet 2 plants in well made bubble buckets full regimen of Lucas Formula Using Scrog So basically: Will full spectrum increase my potential yield/growth rate ? It's reasonable that it should but I'd love some opinions or facts on this matter, links to a grow if it's been done before. Rumple, im willing to bet you might know something? (you seem to know everything else :D )
  2. it will increase growth and yeild because its been done several times before lol.
  3. can you link me ? Or were they on OG ?
  4. Do you have both bulbs in the same hood or are they at separate locations above the screen?

    If you have them separated you're going to see some interesting results.

    The MH side will show noticeably more compact growth than the HPS side.
    You'll see the best growth rates where the two overlap. (Due in part to them getting more light than any other section but also in part from recieving a more complete spectrum)

    The most interesting part would be the harvest. I'd recommend harvesting it in 3rds. MH, HPS and Mixed so that you can test the difference in the high.

    You'll definitely notice a difference in the full spectrum bud. :)

    Personally I'd rather go with both bulbs in one hood :)
    Less yield but you'll get that full spectrum medicine growing in all the buds. :)

    GROW ON!
  5. wow, sounds good, any chance you know where I can get a hood w/ 2 sep ballast? heh im willing to go the DIY path but i'd much prefer not to do wiring etc as im sure as hell not a damn electrician.
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    Yes... Do it yourself! The wiring is simple... really. I doubt you'd find what you're looking for anywhere else.

    If you have access to a hydro shop.... take a look at their 1000W hoods and see if 2 250W sockets and bulbs will fit facing each other. I THINK there might be enough room.

    If there is you're in like Flint. If not you'll be building a custom hood. (Not really that big of a deal. Pretty simple) For the wiring you want to follow the FAQ that I used from Overgrow.com and you'll be set. :)

    Just remember that the MH light you get will not have an Ignitor and will just be wired straight to the socket. Let me know if that's confusing ;)

    GROW ON!
  7. well how did the light do? resin ball? any pics? yield numbers? quality? how many plants did you use it on?
  8. thanks for all the help but im still not clear on where i should start...for example...whats better 600w total of hps or 600w total of hps(300w) and mh(300w) in the same hood. in other words should i split 600 watts between the two bulbs (hps and mh) or should i just go with 600w straight hps.

    ps this is just an example. you could use whatever numbers you like.

    second, does anyone know if 300 watts of hps lamp would cover a 2x4=8 square foot growing area?

    third, bubble bucket users. i hear the plants get very wide due to the amount of root space. is there enough room for two bubble buckets in a 4x2 grow area

    grow journal anyone?
  9. Hi..
    Hate to bring up an old post but its what I'm looking in to doing..

    Unfortantly the links within the thread are broken and I can find no other information.

    Anyone point me in the right direction..


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