250w hps vs 400w hps HEAT output

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  1. Hi fellow growers
    I am new to the game and am facing the much debated question - 250w or 400w hps? I am growing three plants in an area of 2'x2'x3.5' with a stack of 4 120mm pc fans extracting into 2.5" duct and the same at the floor for blowing in cool air. My temps hover around 89F. Extracted air goes up a duct about 4ft high into the ceiling (cut a hole obviously). My concern is heat? It will be a standard tubular globe under a reflector - no cooltubes.
    My plan is too make another stack of four fans and placing the two parallel to each other with duct right by the light to suck that heat up and out. Also there's a 6" fan running inside the box to move the cool air being brought in. Would the ventilation I intend on using be sufficient given the size of the box? I cant go bigger fans due to noise issues. As much as I would love to.
    What do you guys think?
    Is the heat given out by 250W really that much less than the 400 to make it the viable option?
    Any advice from someone who has experience with 250 and 400 in terms of heat output will be greatly appreciated.

    Stay blazing
  2. I have used a 250 watts in a very similar size box as yours and it still got very hot. You need a cool tube and a real inline fan. Those PC fans are not going to cut it. The money you spent on those fans could be spent on a real fan and hood for your light.
  3. Get a better fan with a duct silencer, that's what I would do.
  4. Thanks guys Im going to look into the duct silencer option. My girls are still very young only a week under 200W of CFLs which wont cut it for much longer. Viking how was yield with the 250? Where the nugs nice and dense?
  5. What setup did you have running with the 250W when it still ran quite hot?
  6. Such high temps I could not leave the doors shut. Also I didn't have the best ventilation system.

    Box was 2X4X6

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