250w HPS, vertical or horizontal?

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  1. My flower box is a bit odd, it was made using "dead space" behind a wall in a closet. Basically, there is plenty of room for 3 plants to flower, and that is all I really want to have at any one time. Its about 4 sq ft and 6' high. I have a 250w HPS, now all I need to do is figure out the best way to hang it to get the most out of its lumens.

    See attached pics below to get an idea of my flower space and the lighting arrangement. Need to get some advice on which would be the best. Plants are represented by green circles, lighting by yellow (and orange). Placement of plants is just a rough estimate, but lights will pretty much be placed as the picture depicts. Thanks!

    1) Vertical cool tube, no reflector. Pulled through scrubber then tube, and outside. Light will be hung in middle of three plants.
    2) Vertically mounted under a DIY conical or parabolic reflector. Reflector will reach almost to bottom of lamp, about 1" will be bare at bottom. No sealed cooling, fan will pull air from top of reflector and blow towards scrubber that will be pulling air out.
    3) Horizontal cool tube with batwing reflector mounted above. Pulled through scrubber then tube, and outside.

    The areas covered by the lighting below are not the actual expected light spread but the size tube and light in #1 and that of the reflectors in #2 and #3.

    Those are really my best cased scenarios as far as I can see with the size and space of my flower room.

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  2. just add some cfls to the out side. im running a 250w over 2 plants and i have 1 68w cfl on the outside of each of the plants just to add a some more light.
  3. #3 with added CFLs for each plant seems to be the best.

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