250w hps vertical or 200w solar flare

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by lazyeffort, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. After my cfl experience with current grow I'm going to upgrade, and I'm looking for pros and cons to each.
    The hps is probably going to require me to upgrade my ventilation, and I'm not sure if I'll need a cool tube for my small grow area or not. Probably will. My space is 3x1.6 feet by about 3.5 ft tall. I can probably get another six inches of height if necessary.

    Obviously the led will be double initial investment...
    opinions? Questions?
    Which would yield more and would quality differ between the two?
  2. The solar flare would be a scrog type setup which I forgot to mention... I'm going to research more when I get home, but I just want some opinions/advice.
  3. with your limited hight a SCROG is most likely the best plan with either light..i see people swear by and at LEDs..I'd go with the known HID lighting..you can find full HID setups that run both MH and HPS lamps on a switchable ballast in the 250 watt range for about 150 bucks..use the MH to veg and the HPS to flower..places like the HID shop on line..ect

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