250w HPS/MH ventilation question?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by southern razz, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, quick question. I purchased a 250w hps and 250w mh, and a balast that can run either one. On the hood, there is no exhaust intake opening. At only 250w, will it be enough to just ventilate the entire room properly? Or will temps get too high with no fans directly on the light? The ballast is a remote one and will sit outside the closet grow room, which is 4x4x10. Directly outside the closet are also a couple windows to bring fresh air in to be pulled into the grow room. I'll have passive intake and a 6" 200cfm fan pulling air out of the grow room. Will my heat be manageable? Thanks guys! [​IMG]
  2. in that space your fan should do, ive got a 25o in a veg room that is about that your size and all i use is a circulation fan, temps dont go above 80.
  3. Awesome thanks man, just wanted to make sure :hello:
  4. as long as its not too warm and humid where you live you should be fine but i would add another oscilating fan to keep heat off the canopy. since your fixture wont be air cooled that will let you get you plant tops a little closer to your bulb without burning and with a small 250w light deminishes rapidly so thats very important. also metal halides run warmer than hps lamps just something to keep in mind. id add a little 80 cfm 4 inch duct fan for intake or a 6" 240 cfm one if your not worried about maintaining negative pressure to control smell. either can be bought at lowes for under 35$.
  5. Great, thanks. I'll definitely get another fan to keep on the plants and possibly one for intake if I can afford it. Going to a local hydro store right now and then lowe's so hopefully I can get everything I need :smoke:
  6. no problem man good luck

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