250w - dp90 - Mini scrog

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  1. Hey guys
    Am setting up a new grow and i hope some of you are gunna tag along for the ride.

    Undecided on strain to b honest, white widow is lookin first choice tho i think unless any1 can change my mind :)

    Iv got a secret Jardin dp90 tent (60x60x90cm)
    250 watt HPS in a 125mm cooltube with a fitted reflector
    125mm duct fan to cool the light
    4 inch carbon filter will b added in the near future
    Bio bizz all mix soil
    Bio bizz grow, bloom and topmax (boost)

    My aim is to use just one plant and using a mixture of topping, lst to fill a screen roughly 60 cm square.

    Iv never used a screen but when youve got gc as a guide anythins possible i guess.

    Anyhow. Pics will b up tomora and any feedback on the idea's or input on a strain are welcomed with half a blunt ;)

    Happy growing guys an i hope you stick around
  2. [​IMG]

    This is an adoptee iv grabbed and its ideal for a scrog. Theres 2 chemdog and a blueberry gum :)
  3. What happened to this. It's exactly what I might be doing haha

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