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  1. Hey growers, it has always been on my mind to do my own homemade box so I thought i could use a wardrobe which is directly built in our flat (see the pics), so I have 1x 250W and other accessiores listed below, temperature is around 25 degrees which is nice and wetness around 85% (just now for the start) - 2x PC fans and two holes directly outside of the flat makes the air circulate very well. I just close the main door, leaving the one above opened (otherwise temperature is like 30 degrees...) In the picture the two holes are represented by the red markers. 

    So, today I have planted the seed in the the soil, so lets see some results, just posting my set and pics. Have fun everyone, Ciao [​IMG]

    1x Cindy GG (BlimBurn seeds)
    soil with active humus + perlit + sand + keramzit 
    2,5L (grow) 8,5 (bloom)

    Get Root (Dutch Pro) - 1:1000
    Flora Duo (General Hydroponics) bloom + grow in a combination.

    Will do my best and gladly welcome any comments / advices as this is my first indoor...


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  2. You sound like you are in the USSR? Pardon me if im imcorrect but ive never heard of using sand, or keramzit? Ive only heard that term used in russia as a name for hydroton clay pellets, or are you in UK?

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