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  1. Hey growers, it has always been on my mind to do my own homemade box so I thought i could use a wardrobe which is directly built in our flat (see the pics), so I have 1x 250W and other accessiores listed below, temperature is around 25 degrees which is nice and wetness around 85% (just now for the start) - 2x PC fans and two holes directly outside of the flat makes the air circulate very well. I just close the main door, leaving the one above opened (otherwise temperature is like 30 degrees...) In the picture the two holes are represented by the red markers. 

    So, today I have planted the seed in the the soil, so lets see some results, just posting my set and pics. Have fun everyone, Ciao [​IMG]

    1x Cindy GG (BlimBurn seeds)
    soil with active humus + perlit + sand + keramzit 
    2,5L (grow) 8,5 (bloom)

    Get Root (Dutch Pro) - 1:1000
    Flora Duo (General Hydroponics) bloom + grow in a combination.

    Will do my best and gladly welcome any comments / advices as this is my first indoor..

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