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250 zip what you think?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Chapin0723, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. i got this from a good friend 250 a zip. its smoking :smoking:

    What you guys think ?

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  2. Id smoke it for sure:smoking:... but i really dont think that its worth 250... looks like some high mids in the pic, but then again it may not do it justice. looks like weed though:p
  3. good deal imo!
  4. lol smokes like weed too ;)
  5. cant really tell, first pic looks like pressed nice mids, second pic looks like its beast though

    still look crystallly anyway,enjoi.

    around my area I can get an o of nice beasters for $250
  6. i have the same jar. lol
  7. a better pic of a nice bud :D

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  8. 1.89 at Walmart !!! :hello:
  9. hell ya!
  10. lol just about to roll two more swishers :devious:
    i think im in love <3
  11. Haha, doesn't look too bad for the price. Nice grab.
  12. Ya i think its decent. Not being a dick but if i find the right hook up in my city I could get a skimped ounce of that shit for like $60:D. It would be like 23-24g but these ghetto ass dealers I know swear on there life its straight ounce then i come home and throw it on the scale and its a quarter under. I've even seen some people try to push shit like that for $100 a quarter also. It really just depends on the time of year.:smoking:
  13. Yeh shits smokeable brah. 250 a zip meh but get it how you live.
  14. lol na its a good friend of mine it weighed out to 29.6 :D lol its really not Bad weed, its not the Dankest shit but id rather get this right now instead of something a little better and another 150 $ IMO
  15. That looks pretty good man, but I think those white spots on the bud might be mold.
  16. I think the bigger one is fuzz from the seed case. Cause thats a seed. i think mold on weed is more of a blackish color. but dont quote...

  17. YES!! TAHNK YOU!! I got the same jar and it had M&M's in it and a card as a present and i was like fuck the m&m's and i poured them out and made it into my stash jar. I've been trying to find more of this specific one but i didn't know where.... Now I know :smoking:
  18. looks like high decent mids to me might be the pics but i wouldnt pay that for that quality
  19. lol it got me high :D
    lol i smoked 3 blunts last night, and im still kinda buzzed. lol
    overall im happy with it :D
  20. pretty descent bud, id probably buy an 8er

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