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    :wave:okay so currently im using four 55 watt and one 42 watt cfl's for flowering a single auto flower in a grow tent inside, mylar lined the measurements are, 4feet wide, 5 feet tall, 2 feet thick. My question is I upgraded my lighting to a 250 watt hps, (still waiting on it to arrive) Before someone says that I should of bought a 400 watt system. It was a option i had. But i ended up winning a auction for a new 250 watt for a little under 45 bucks cheaper compared to the 400 watter and i got free shipping. so my question is. Can i grow lets say 2-3 autoflowers with this lighting. Also seller said they also have the (veg bulb) for $34.00. Should I order the (veg bulb) and use it for my next auto grow and any future grows or just stick with cfls. Next upgrade is a better fan 75 dollar inline next week. Here is the set-up http://www.ebay.com/itm/250-watt-HP...728?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2571a05c38
  2. See it as a growing exercise on YOU, many start on CFL's and mature to T5's or little HPS, ask yourself "In 5 years where you are gonna be with this" ...cut the crap and get organized now!
    Don't think...Buy that switchable ballast, I'd recommend the 600w system but the 400w HPS switchable is a great starter,..autos are great to learn but the old fashioned photo period plants is where I'd be
  3. Rite on, I can dig it! I'm trying to get my shit together. Lights was needed, fan is next Friday payday. Than I'm all set. Only thing i need to do is get better nutes my next grow. Won't even start it till I have them. By the way I have photo fem Green Crack seed from Sick Meds Seeds along with some AKR seeds fem as well headed to me. Gotta do her rite next go round.
  4. Never did tell you thanks for the straight forward advise. I did exactly as you suggested.

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