250 watt HPS question

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  1. If me and my buddy were to grow a SOG setup using a 250watt HPS light, effectively how many plants could that support? Approximately how much would you say we could get off these plants? Thanks for the help guys.
  2. I'm using a 270 watt super agro, and about 120 watt in fluorescents bulbs in my grow. I have two plants in 12 inch round pots under it right now, and a few others sexing set up around the outside (below is picture). I think the max I'll get under it at any one time is 4 12inch pots with lots of lst training to make it work. I could get 6 12 inch pots under it but I have to raise the lights, take the fluorescents off the back wall, and still the outside of the end plants will need some extra light from the side. If your doing see of green they say 1 plant per every square foot, and they say 250 watts is good for a 2x2 ft space 3x3 max but you'll be lifting the light higher then the plants need to cover the area.

    Have you thought about scrog?? With a smaller watt bulb it may be a really good idea of getting that low even canopy you do with scrog growing... I'll be trying it when I'm done with whats in the picture.. With the scrog you veg 1 or 2 females till they fill up a screen, and then you set to 12/12. It keeps the canopy low, and even so even a smaller 250 watt could do a good job flowering them

    As for the yield.. I think I'll get an ounce each off the two larger plants in the back of the picture. I'm not sure how you'll do with sog growing since your just harvesting the top buds. I'm sure with the right strain you could do pretty damn good in a 3x3 foot area if yopu pack them in there.

  3. A true Sea of Green will have between 10-20 plants. You will get nowhere near that with a 250 watt light. MisterP is right on the 1 plant per square foot thing so I think you can reasonably expect 5 plants tops under a 250 watter flowered at 8 inches tall. Make sure you choose a strain that is good for SOG or they will not yield that much when flowered so early.

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