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  1. Is a 250 watt HPS bulb good for about 2 plants in a 4'x3'x8' space? I've been looking for bulbs with not too high of a wattage (like 400 watts), so they wouldn't be too hot. Would this work okay?

    Oh yeah, what's HID? Is it any cheaper/better? And are there any special flouros that I need? (Sorry for all of the Questions!)
  2. sounds fine, I have a space of 2'x2.5'x7' and growing 4 x Mazar as SOG under a 250 son t plus and they are doing great! so you should be fine with what you have.
    good luck & have fun!
  3. Thanks! Would a 250 work well for flowering too? Also, where can I get a balast light fixture for the bulb? I can only find $150 systems....
  4. yes HPS can be used for both, better for flowering but also very good for veg growth.
    I'm afraid the balast systems are a bit on the expensive side, apart from second hand units, but i would advise against them. In the long run the HPS complete with balast will actually work out cheaper and more effective.
    Sorry but no good news on prices, just have to keep searching.
    good luck
  5. Alright, it's not too bad shelling out 100 some bucks for it, the reward in the end is going to be worth while :).
  6. HID = high-intensity discharge.

    High-intensity discharge lamps are easier to use and more efficient. Low-wattage HIDs are sometimes sold for household
    outdoor use. Large wattage lamps, they are used for lighting streets, parking lots, stadiums and other large areas. They
    come in two basic types: metal halide and high-pressure sodium.

    That came from Todd McCormick's Book "How To Grow Medical Marijuana."

    You should get a HPS they seem to be the best all around. I plan on getting either a 250w or a 400w for my 2'X2'X6' growing room.

    Hope this helps



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