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  1. Hi, I own a 250 W Future Brite Electronic H.I.D lighting, (MH and HPS), with a hidrofarm balast Daystar AC. I Have 8 seeds that sprouted, but my question is how many plants can I grow with such light ? ( I was hoping to get at least 3-4 females, it's for personal, my closet is about 3.5 feet x 4 And is pretty hight ceileing) I am using soil. Thank you
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    just start them in 5 inch pots and transplant to at least a 5 gallon pot after sexing. see how many 5 gallon pots will fit in your space. I did that I had three plants survive and one was female. I grow her under a 70 watt HPS and couple CFL. she is three days into flowering. I got HPS for the red spectrum for flowering. Smart getting the switchable. MH for veg HPS for flowering. the longer mh run they loose the're brightness hps don't. my space in that small closet is limited I would have had to go with smaller pots had two or three been girls lol. I choose to top my lady. I'm gonna have to take out the rest of the shelves in that closet soon and add more cfl.


    it got this big in 5 inch pot. I just put in 5 gallon pot.

    here it is now.
  3. I would highly suggest going with LST or SCRoG to maximize your yield in that space.

    The 250w is good for about a 2 x 3 area so you may want to consider dropping a reflective wall down to restrict the area.

    With a 2' X 3' screen you'll be right around 41 watts per square foot which will give you a very nice yield. (enough light for good bud formation)

    With LST it will take less in materials but you'll also get a slightly lower yield as well (YMMV).

    The key with low wattage HID lights is to keep as much of the plant the same distance form the light as possible. You'll end up with a nice little forest of fairly even bud growth.

    (Absolutely wonderful sight to see when you time it for Christmas. *giggle* Like a giant pine tree forest in miniature. Only much better looking and smokeable too. :) )

    GROW ON!
  4. Thanks you!

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