$250 budget for first time indoor grower

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  1. I have a 3x3x6 foot area that is around 75-80 degrees warm. I have 5 AK48 feminized seeds. I'm looking to plant 2 at first, in the case that I fuck up. I plan on using FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil, but I'm not sure if that's all I should use.

    I would like to know which type of lighting I should use. How many bulbs and what wattage? Should I use a fixture and what kind? How far should the lights be from the plants at different stages?
  2. Did u try doing any research on ur own yet to find anything out
  3. 5000 watts

  4. Customize Your Grow Light


    ^soil & lights
  5. You should look into a CFL grow for your first grow. Your going to need to vent your space though. Temps are 75-80 now, that's great, but you need to ensure they will be 75-80 when the lights are turned on and thats why I suggested CFLs for your first grow. You could also go for lower wattage LED or a combo of CFL and LED, that's what I use and I'm currently on my first grow(journals in signature). With lights on my temps go up about 1-2 degrees. I only use a 4 inch booster fan for outtake and with the CFLs and LEDs it works just fine. If you wanted to use bigger lights you need more money, As well as LEDs, they also cost a pretty penny for quality. So CFLs overall would be your best choice for a $250 start. You should look at the DIY light boxes for CFLs. If you cannot stand the idea of doing something yourself buy 2 of these. Amazon.com: Hydrofarm FLCDG125D 125-Watt Compact Fluorescent Grow Light System with Dew Guard: Patio, Lawn & Garden. Any other questions ask on.
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    Thank you for everything so far, man. I was thinking that I needed 100 watts per plants, so is that why you suggested two cfl 125 watt bulbs for optimal growth? And are those full spectrum bulbs? I've read that red and blue light may be more important at different stages of growth.

    And with circulation, the area isn't closed off, but it's in my unfinished basement. I have a humidifier and dehumidifier in use at different times of the year.

    After the few days it takes to germinate, how far should each light be from each plant and how long should they be powered on per 24 hour period? I have the same question for vegetative and flowering growth stages.

    I appreciate every answer, guys. Thank you.
  7. A little counter productive dont ya think??
  8. Depending on the time of year I will use a dehumidifier or a humidifier, man.
  9. Air circulation is the idea of a fresh source of air is being provided for your plants and the old air is cycled out. Yes, plants generally need about 100 watts per but a general rule of thumb is 100 watts for the first plant and 50 watts per plant after. This light idea is valid with the idea that you have the plants in an enclosed area with smaller space such as a box or tent. Just an area to reflect light. You said that you were growing in a basement area, you might need a tad more light which is why I suggested 2 of those lights.
  10. Yes, it is full spectrum.
  11. Back to the question at hand. Dimmable 1000w would be the way to go IMO. I like apollos stuff. Ballast come with 3 year warranty. KEEP THE BOX AND ALL PAPER WORK! That's the trick.
    Your gunna need a 6" inline fan, and a carbon filter too. Becareful when shopping for carbon filters. Some can only have air pushed through, some only sucked through, some can be hung, some must remain vertical. Your Gunne decided which filter best suits your needs, ( I push through mine so it's outside the tent. Giving that little bit of floor space back.) then hook your ducting, fan, filter, and if you have air cooled hoods, those as your decision requires. Don't cheap out on a can fan. Get a nice one and you can always add in a speed control and knock it down a bit.
  12. I was catering to the fact that he has 250 bucks to spend man all that's going to run him 500 at the least :p and that's if he finds good deals. You don't have to start out big, you can build your way up! Quality bud is not a factor of size of light, it's all of the factors. If you have a big light that's great but venting 1000 watts is no cheap task.
  13. The way I look at it, unless he's gunna give up after one grow, I'm actually saving OP money! Would suck to blow $250 on that for the first run, then another $500 after they realize they wanna go bigger and better. Happens all the time. Growing is a disease, it'll happen. May as well do it right the first time. Already knocked out 1 of the bigger purchases, the tent. May as well finish it!
  14. With the CFL lights, when the plants are seedlings, the light can be about 5-6 inches away. When they get into the vegetative stage, it can be 2-3 inches away from the light.
  15. I vent 2, 1000w lights with a $30 can fan and $5 in ducting... Only suggested he doesn't skimp on the fan for the carbon filter, as they add massive drag.

  16. With proper budgeting you can build your way up and not be set back. All the while when he is learning how to actually grow with his $250 worth of equipment he can save during the time of the first grow and even come out with a decent amount of bud. I've seen 250 Watts of LED produce 3 ounces and last time I checked 3 ounces is worth the $250 invested. I would be terrified going into my first grow with 1000 watts. So much could go wrong really fast.
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    How loud are those can fans. Last time I checked a a big enough can fan to vent 1000 watts sounds like a mini jet engine. 30 dollars is VERY cheap for ventilation on that sort of unit.
  18. Dimmable allows you to run lower wattages. Think of it as a system that grows with your a ability! IMO don't attempt a grow unless your ready to spend more time and money then initially thought. Nature of the beast. I'm not here tryin to sell OP equipment, just tryin to kick some knowledge for someone who asked.

  19. I'm not trying to say you are wrong either just having a sort of educated convo about both of our opinions lol.
  20. Exactly, cheap! And works great! And next to silent next to the hydrofarm inline I have next to it on my carbon filter. Their booster fans. Say they run 200cfm but can't be over 70cfm on its own. Plenty to vent 2 1000w xxxl air cooled hoods.

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