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25 Year old lungs need advice on Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlazinBeard, Aug 3, 2011.

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    **** I have now purchased an ****
    **** Extreme Q Vaporizer ****
    **** AND IT WORKS!!! ****


    Short version:

    Im 25 have never smoked tobacco and would like a vaporizer that is easy to get used to and wont need much figuring out.

    My budget is around £250

    Please do help me out here. I dont want to spend this kinda money to get the wrong thing. The only reason I am posting a new thread is because I cant find anyone else in my position:

    25 and never been a smoker.

    Not many friends into weed any more so cant get informed advice on usage.

    The Longer version:

    Ok, so I cheaped out and bought a little vaporizer called an Alivi8 it works off of a lighter. It has somekinda ceramic filter that you heat with the lighter and you 'taste' for the right heat.

    I have gone through just under a quarter (i had one small joint to see how the weed was) smoking through this vaporizer pipe. It has no where near the same effect as smoking it.

    Now i dont want to be bashing a product that i might not have been using correctly, so i dont want to say anything negative about it, barring that i cant seem to get it to work.

    I should say now that i have never smoked tobacco in my life and have only been smoking weed regularly (about a quarter every 7-10 days) for the last 3 or 4 months. I heard recently that vaporizers are a more healthy way of consuming weed, or at least substantially more healthy than smoking it.

    So cheaping out cost me £60, I now have a bigger budget of £250.

    I have looked at the SSV but dont know if, with all its customisation, it will be the right tool for me.

    But honestly they all look pretty confusing!

    Help would be much appreciated!

  2. Heres my suggested ones:

    Magic Flight Launch Box
    Extreme Q
    Da Buddha Vaporizer

    All good options. Any of the plug in vapes are gonna be pretty customizable, but that dosent mean you have to change them.
  3. Getta bong, be a boss.

  4. Thanks for replying, do you have experience with all of these vaps? What are the learning curves on these peices? The price difference between them, what do i get if i pay more/less?

    Thanks again!

  5. [ame=]‪Like A Boss (ft. Seth Rogen) - Uncensored Version‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

  6. I have an Extreme Q and its great. Slight learning curve with the whip but nearly impossible to not be able to fill the bags.

    Check out this website for tons of vaporizer info/help:

  7. Thanks man, yeah i put up an account on, and put up a review of the Alivi8 that i bought. But i got nearly no response. But i'm hoping if i spend more money on something more proven i will get better results.
  8. I have Da Buddha and LOVE it.

  9. Was Da Buddha your first vaporizer? how was the learning curve?

    Thanks for replying!
  10. I can only recommend Vapor Bros Vaporizer, the hands free version. I picked mine up new on ebay a few years ago. Came sealed with the authenticity proof and all that, and some extra herbs, screens, lifetime warranty etc.

    A couple months after I bought it, I stupidly hooked it up to a bong without the proper water stopping attachment and water went into it and fried it. The ceramic coil cracked in half. Shit I thought, but since I'd registered it online and they claim to have a lifetime repair/upgrade service, I contacted them, paid five dollars to ship it to them (with weed particles inside that I couldn't remove at the time) and they cleaned it out, fixed it up, and shipped it back to me free of charge. Best service I ever had imo and can only recommend them because of it.

    It basically is the original wood box design, glass tube with ceramic heating coil. The glass on glass whip is attached to a rubber like hose and has a small glass piece at the end. You turn it on to 12/1 o clock on the little dial and leave it alone for 3-4 minutes. Then you grind up herb, put it in the little whip and attach and inhale. Simple as that. I always wanted to get a volcano vaporizer but I know people who've bought them and sold them right away because the high/smoke wasn't worth the price.

    The good news is that the vapor bros vaporizer has a no questions asked, lifetime warranty that works. The bad news is that the popularity has driven the price up a hundred U.S. dollars. So they're probably right around the maximum price range you're seeking.
  11. :rolleyes:

    Op does not want a bong, and nothing about getting a bong makes you boss..

    OP check out fuckcombustion, its a great website to learn about vaping!
  12. I have an Extreme Q after owning a little box type vape, and it is by far the best thing I have ever bought/used. It is my favorite, I like that you can fill up bags or use a whip! It's simple to use, you'll get it in the first day and be a champ. The cyclone bowl is wicked, and you can pack the little elbow pieces only if your low on weed and want thick/concentrated vapor. Wicked product!
  13. look on ebay they are cheap as hell
  14. Whatever you do DO NOT get the iolite. Heards tons of bad things about it.

    Avoid any vape that you have to put butane in!

  15. Yes it was. I got baked off my ass the first time I used it with no problems. Just read the instructions, and there's lots of Youtube videos on how to use it properly as well.
  16. you seem like you smoke quite a bit so a magic flight launch box or iolite would not suite your needs.

    also you need to realize that when you just smoke pot regularly everything thats in the buds adds to your high. wow that was worded terribly. but basically when you vape something it just extracts the thc out into vapor without burning the whole plant. the thing is when you burn the whole plant it kind of makes you higher. some people like this. others describe it as being burnt out.

    when you smoke a vape its going to be a cleaner high that doesnt leave you as heavy or burnt out feeling. like i said before some people may describe this as getting less high when they use a vape.

    just figured id let you know that so your not disappointed with the next vape you get.

  17. Thanks man, that was the kinda info i wanted to hear. So do you reckon if i ordered something like the SSV or the Extreme Q, and took a T- break for the month (ish) that it took to arrive i would be able to get to the same place, high-wise, that i do from a joint?

    Thanks again!

    tho if i'm gonna take a break im gonna have to smoke the rest of this cheese that i have! :D

  18. Honestly I would just save up and get a Phantom, thing is awesome. GREAT highs.
  19. The learning curve is only gonna be a problem with smaller vapes like the MFLB. Once you learn to inhale from it, it makes a nice piece. The MFLB is the cheapest at 100. Extreme Q is like 150, DBV is like 180-190, SSV is like 170ish. The extreme q probably has the most options out of all of them because it can fill bags and use a whip too. It also has a remote and lots of glass fittings. DBV and SSV are sort of similar in that they are both (normally) whip only vapes. MFLB is a portable so its a lot different.

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