25 weirdest animals

Discussion in 'General' started by liquidswords, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. those could all easily be pokemon
  2. That aye aye looks like something out of this fucking planet the axolotl is REALLY cute though!

    Edit: The angora rabbit, I barely knew wtf if was until I read the description, that's one furry little fucker dude.
  3. Someone give me an eighth of mushrooms and an angora rabbit, STAT!

    Seriously though, I want a red panda. Those things are awesome.
  4. In the zoo they were little bastards, well at least the one I saw:p
  5. woo! very glad sloths, one of my favourite animals, made it to the list.
    there were many from deap sea i was expecting to see. there's alot of weird things down there.
    http://tv-links.co.uk/video/9/6612/10449/65177/91504 and if u can find blue planet somewhere too, it has many more (particulalry the deap episode).
  6. Wow that's cool. Scrolling down, almost every picture I was like "whoa!"
  7. Thats some freaky shit man. If I were baked and I came upon one of those....WHOA.
  8. That Yeti Crab would FUCK YOU UP! :eek:

    Some of those are crazy...
  9. [​IMG]

    Platypus, pure amazingness.
  10. My friend Had a pet Pygmy Marmoset. Thing was crazy.

    The indigenous people believe Aye Aye are evil, and they try to kill them whenever they can.

    THe White Faced Saki Monkey looks PISSED OFF!

    Angora Rabbit- I want one. Now.

    And I would get the Alpaca thingy high, and ride on it.
  11. I have personally seen all of these animals:

    The murderdog

    The monorail cat

    The Adolf Hitler-cat, AKA "Kitler"

    And this thing
  12. that axolotl looks like a fuckin cartoon or something what the hell is that
  13. That mole is fuccin crazy looks like it has a STD on its face or something
  14. [​IMG]

    Jew Monkey
    ^ Very uncool. Consider this a warning. *RMJL
  15. dude not cool dont do shit like that... -rep for against jews
  16. you will NOT disrespect!

  17. lmfao! looks like pokemon!

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