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25% Tax...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EnjoiKush, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. So, is the 25% tax (which is fucking ridiculous) meant to deter people from buying weed legally...?
  2. no its to produce revenue for the state
  3. It's not going to produce very much revenue when people say, "Fuck that bullshit ass sales tax, I'm gonna either A. Go hit up my dealer. B. Grow my own" They're shooting themselves in the foot.

  4. rules the world...make it monetarily worth while, and people will forget all about Reefer Madness...
  5. Honestly, having another supplier, or growing your own would be your best bet. Theres no tracing back to if you bought from the "licensed dealers". You can get your weed either cheaper or practically free if you grow yourself, and then on top of that, it's legal to smoke!
  6. I think it'll be very close to the price now because it won't have to travel through cartels or gangs or smugglers.

  7. Probably...

    Let's see...dispensaries in medical states can afford to sell weed for $10/g, so I imagine that with bulk production, "weed stores" will be able to do the same, or better...let's see...25% of $10 is $ many people with real lives, families and careers are willing to lose it all and go to jail for $2.50 per gram?
  8. What is your post relevant to..?
  9. #9 IgnorantFool, Nov 9, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 9, 2012
    My apologies...I thought it was self evident...

    Does this make it more clear? many people will a) seek out the black market (illegal) or b) grow their own (also illegal in WA with out the valid licence) just to save $2.50/g?

  10. What the hell? He answered the question... That's how it's relevant
  11. Sigh, you gotta do more research.

    The grower pays 25% tax, the seller pays 25% tax, and the consumer pays 25% tax

    So it will be 75% taxed from the start of production.

    The average price will be $12.50 a gram.

    Which is amazing, no one in the world is going to say "Fuck that, i'm calling my "dealer" for a slightly cheaper price." Dealers are going to be obsolete, you won't have a dealer anymore. I don't go buy moonshine on the street because it's cheaper then the ABC store.

    Your "Dealer" Taxes the stuff as well, a LOT, how do you think they make so much profit.
  12. In one state at least I know the tax isn't just 25% at sale. It's taxed 25% at each stop from grower to dispensary. You also have to realize the true value of marijuana. Believe me, the prices are sky high already. Check out this article and instead of being so angry at the government for taxing you maybe you should take that indignation to your nearest dealer.
  13. Fuck man...I still pay 20$ a gram for no name shit. I don't see the big deal haha.
  14. 12.5 a gram is good i rather buy it legaly there without risk of mold then a dealor.

  15. Asskickery!:smoking:

    Spelled apologies wrong tho:rolleyes:

    But still badass:cool::D
  16. Sorry...stoned...:hippie:;)

    Fixed now...:)
  17. will still be cheaper then the prices dealers charge. Its stupid though when you consider how much other herbs cost (rosemary, basil etc...) it should be the same price i reckon. They could make all the profit they want from the industrial side of hemp and then sell bundles of the bud/flower for 5 bucks for a big sack like it should be!
  18. People also forget that they're will be more supply as people can grown now legally. So that will also lower the prices, unless the demand keeps up, which I'm sure it will :smoke:
  19. Tomatoes and Marijuana have the same growing needs so a pound of marijuana should the same as a pound of tomatoes lol.

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