25 Plants - Spring Harvest '09

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  1. Hey GC :wave: first time grower here. I had considered doing some indoor growing but decided to let mother nature do her thing. I germinated two types of bagseed. I initially had a bag of around 15 seeds from a strain my dealer called Goo. I decided to try and germinate all 15 by just sticking them in soil in a propagator and just watering them. Out of the 15, only 6 ended up sprouting. After this rather poor success rate, I germinated 25 plants using the paper towel method and 21 out of 25 sprouted. Of these 21, 2 died before breaking the soil after transplanting. These seeds are purportedly original Haze. The "Haze" bud these seeds came from had a distinct spicy aroma like fresh ground pepper and cinnamon mixed with a fruity smell almost like mango. These ladies are gonna produce some dank!

    The first picture shows a couple of the seedlings while they were still in the propagator at around day 14.

    Shortly after that picture was taken, I transplanted them all into solo cups. These were grown indoors in a simple cabinet which was lit by a little over 120 watts of CFL lighting. I let them veg for a total of between 4 and 5 weeks indoors. The tallest right now is a little over 20 cm (~8 inches). I'm not sure if it is the CFL's but because I was able to position the lights close to the plants, all the plant growth is very compact with internode spacing at around 3 cm (a little over an inch).

    I fertilized them with 1/8 strength organic nutes (Canna Bio Vega) at 2.5 weeks but they were still a little sensitive. In their last week of growth this past week I've finally started to feed them with 1/6 strength regularly. Today, my buddy and I took them all outdoors to await transplant into their 5 gallon homes tomorrow. The last 3 pictures show them and the temporary container.

    I really think somebody upstairs is lookin out for me and my babies due to an unusual occurrence today. Last weekend I transplanted three of the smallest plants into one large 30 gallon container to test if the cold would be a problem and if the local wildlife had any interest in the plants. We get to the area and take a load of materials out to the garden. The first thing I did was check on the 3 that were already there. They all looked healthy and had not been touched at all. We go back to the car and head back out with another load. In between trips we sparked up a bowl. On the way back, a pack of cows started following us and peering out behind trees to stare at us, successfully creeping me the hell out. We get there and I swear a "Cow Convention" was being held in my clearing. I chase them all outta there with a shovel and find that one of em munched the top off one of the 3 testees. Naturally, we set up a chicken-wire fence around the two containers afterwards.

    But seriously, upon further reflection, I think it was providence that we should get there on the very day to protect them. Another interesting thing I realized is that this cow topped my plant for me! I had considered doing it myself but never got around to it. I'll see how this plant does and decide from there whether or not it's worth it to top given my narrow timeframe.

    Out of the 25, only 3 have shown sex. Of these, 2 are female and 1 is male. Based on the different structures between them before they showed sex, I'm guessing most of them are going to be female. Though maybe that's just wishful thinking :rolleyes:

    A couple more things to note:
    • These plants were vegged under 24/7 daylight spectrum CFLs and should begin to flower with the light cycle outside at this time of year. Thus, I am shooting for a spring harvest with a follow-up crop in the summer (with high quality genetics).
    • The Goo seeds were stored with a ripe banana peel in a paper bag to increase female to male ratio. I also used about 4 banana peels over the course of the first 3 weeks of veg. Hopefully, the ratio should reflect this.
    • I am also going to be attempting to breed the best male and females to produce some seed for the summer season.

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  2. Interesting setup... I like it! Is that just a big pipe in the ground?
  3. No, haha. It's actually just a really big container. I'd guess it's somewhere around 40 gallons or so. It just looks like it's comin outta the ground because I dug a little hole for the base to sit in so it'd keep the container cooler. If it was a pipe, I'd prolly seize the opportunity and rename the strains Mario Kush and Luigi Haze.
  4. haha yeah it looks like the end of one in away. I would smoke the shit out of some luigi kush and than time wrap in the end of the pipe to another world.... lol
  5. Grow alone, tell no one. You have already violated the first rule. BE CAREFUL with this grow. Peace
  6. Haha, that would be awesome. You gotta check this video out: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Val7hmRLD9Y&feature=related"]YouTube - Mario vice city[/ame]

    Thanks for your concern Diablo. This friend got me access to the land we've been using and I could not ask for a better spot. But to tell you the truth, I'm a little concerned too. Not so much about my friend because I know that I can trust him. Just that other people might find out. The only thing giving me peace of mind is the security of the location. I'm fairly certain that we're the only human beings to see this spot of land for at least the past 20 years.
  7. One red flag leads to many and the fact that others might find out is the exact issue you should be concerned about. If I were you, I would tell my friend that I chickened out and re-group for another location. I would never allow another human to see my grow under ANY circumstances. You can see my grow partner in my avatar. Peace
  8. OP let me tell you what two know is not a secret anymore.

    Good luck though!

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