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[25$/Ounce] Poision OG Shake/Nug [760]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BlankIT, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. about 16 G's of bud and 12 g's of shake.. not too shabby for 25$ :devious: :smoke:

  2. it was worth the price.
  3. oh definitely.
  4. man I want a hook like this soooo bad for hash
  5. Just had some poison last pick up. Shit was flame. Enjoy

  6. yea... how?
  7. it happens boys, good deals are just not out there for everyone ;)
    move to canada(just a tip) i dont even know if op is canadian, but deals like that pop up all the time where I am,.

  8. I'm definitely loving it, blasting all of it into BHO today.

    I get these deals because my real good friend's boyfriend get pounds of this stuff for round 200$/lb
  9. You must keep going through society. You must progress. Keep meeting new people, keep making connections. A life full of connections is life.
  10. Close ups? Or u got it off Google pictures:smoke: jk I'm high man
  11. I'll try and get atleast some decent close up later, using a shitty tmobile G1 which you cant tell from OP it isn't very good haha
  12. I live in Southern California [760]
  13. I'm jealous of that price man. I'd be making boatloads of bho if I had a connect like that
  14. Damn. I would pry buy that for 25 bucks. And I grow dank!
  15. #18 DEA, Mar 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 22, 2012
    yea i just had 2 oz of shake/bud for around 25 ea to... it came out to a oz of bud it was dime sized or smaller nugs and the rest was 40g of shake... I used like a oz of the shake and got a gram of iso hash...still got a half oz of bud and a half oz of shake left... the buds are old and dry but it looks like it wasnt treated with love anyway.. its green frosty and has orange hairs to its bud...

    you got a good deal!! you just gotta know the right people...

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